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Joint TOP/FACE Announcment

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Joint TOP/FACE Announcement

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It is with great pride and happiness today to announce the revision and continuation of our protectorate agreement with our dear friends, the Federated Allied for Cultural Exchange. When we were initially approached for protection, we carefully considered our options and accepted them under our proverbial wing after frequent discussions regarding their fate. Their potential and enthusiasm piqued our interest and we are glad to know our backing has allowed them to flourish. After three months our agreement was evaluated and has been met with a unanimous decision to continue our friendship and protection indefinitely.

The revised treaty, enacted on 16th of February, 2009.

Article One: Sovereignty

Both alliances will remain separate sovereign entities and have full control over their own internal affairs.

Article Two: Relations

In the spirit of this treaty, alliance members will act politely and cordially to each other in private and public. It is expected that alliances show a unified front in their foreign actions, however, this is not exclusively necessary.

Article Three: Duties required of The Order of the Paradox

The Order of the Paradox shall provide military aid to FACE should they be target of an attack clearly offensive in nature. The Order of the Paradox will also offer support in any which way possible to FACE in Her endeavours, whether it be internal or external in nature.

Article Four: Duties required of the Federated Allied for Cultural Exchange

FACE, likewise, shall come to the aid--whether military or financial--of The Order of the Paradox should the latter come under attack. The nature of the aid will be decided by both governments. FACE shall not enter into any pact or agreement with a foreign power or group, nor declare war or take offensive military action of any sort, without first obtaining the approval of The Order of the Paradox.

Article Five: Termination

This protectorate may be cancelled upon 72 hours notice by either signatory. After cancellation, both alliances shall abide by a four-day period of non-aggression.

Article Six: Activation

This agreement shall come into effect upon the signature of this document by both alliance governments.

For The Order of the Paradox:

Saber, Grandmaster

Dr. Dan, Grand Hospitaller

Feanor, Grand Chancellor

SomeGuy, Grand Legate

For The Federated Allies for Cultural Exchange:

Hormones74, Triumvir

VIdiot the Great, Triumvir

Edited by Feanor Noldorin
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