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Welcome to Somalia

King Kevz

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In the dusty streets of Mogadishu a well maintained sports car with an escort of two armed techincals drove along as the men and woman on the streets watched the group pass, moving back against the shop walls to stay as far away from the three vehicles as they could. The three vehicle group had to stop at one point whilst a mother brought her children off the street from where they were playing ball. Eventually the group made it to the city's main radio station where the producers quickly had a studio set up for the President to use. After sending the studio staff away and ensuring his bodyguards were placed at the door to ensure his protection President Muga Abal cleared his throat before making a quick broadcast to his people across the land informing them that he would soon by allowing foreign nationals to visit the nation and that they are to treat them with respect. Afterwords he and his bodyguards made their way back to the Presidential Palace whereMuga Abal was able to enjoy the company of his twelve wives. A government statement was released to the rest of the world.

"President Muga Abal invites any and all foreign nationals to come visit the land of Somalia where you can establish an embassy if you wish. However, we do advise you bring some form of armed protection with you. That is all."

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British Ambassador Paul Stuart is currently boarding a plane in Cardiff and heading to Mogadishu. We seek the establishment of an embassy, however until it is constructed, we will fund his hotel stay. We assume that transportation can be provided by Somalia?

"The President was said to be overjoyed at the mention of another visitor and yes transport can be provided in the shape of an armoured van which will be escorted by a trio of armed Technicals for safety".

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Kang Xi replies, its ok, we'll just come in with guns blazing and clear the city of rebels.

"We would advise against that as the majority of the city is armed and firing at random could involve your diplomatic mission being over run. Please just make your way to the airport where you will be guided to the Presidential Palace"

In other news the government has racked in an extra bonus of cash through their arms sales to the other more fractured areas of Northern Africa that border them. Whilst many see this as the start of a bigger problem most of the population will be happy for the improvements that can be made to the nation.

Also a frieghter carrying parts used in the construction of tanks was hijacked today by a southern area Warlord. More news on this as it comes in.

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Today in a surprisng move the President has decided to show the Warlords of the land that their time is running out and that they should give themselves up now before it is too late. To prove this point the Somalian military has moved out in force to place itself in key points throughout Mogadishu to work towards catching any militia that enter the city. At the main highway to the city the two T-55 battle tanks of the army guard a checkpoint leading into the city where searches are constantly underway. Already today a missile attack on a patrol of Somalia infantrymen occured in which two militamen were killed and one soldier was wounded though not in a critical or life threating way. The President has pledged to clear the city in two weeks before he moves on into other locations throughout the nation.

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China News Network Special Broadcast


In a show of force to the Somolian Warlords, the USSC Hangzhou has deployed its amphibious forces to engage in maritime control exercises in the international waters of the Gulf of Aden. The Hangzhou has reportedly dispatched its combat hovercrafts and VTOL aircrafts with marines to engage in search and destroy missions against pirate skiffs and conduct boarding exercises on enemy ships.

The Chinese Navy has put out a information pamplet for captains of ships sending chinese exports to Europe, of what several of these craft would look like, and what constitutes a suspicious vessel:


Mother Ships often appear to be large fishing boats, be wary of one approaching you without provocation, or for one that appears not to be fishing.


Be wary of small skiffs, try to avoid them. These units often are equipped with RPGs, those without proper experience in evasive maneuvers could get a nasty surprise. Often times these pirates aren't terribly skilled but it is better not to take a chance.

Remember these units like to approach below radar and sonar and tend to move between dusk and dawn hours. Night time calls for extra special caution. The best defense against Pirates is a well trained crew, if you can prevent them from getting onboard, that is your best way of stopping them.

Classified Transmission to the Government in Mogadishu The United States of China requests permission to move past international waters and engage in hot pursuits of pirate forces, and engage in force recon into pirate enclaves on the coast. Forces involved in this action would be three amphibious assualt ships and five littoral combat ships.[/b]

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President Muga Abal thanks the Chinese for showing such a feat of arms to the Warlords and hopes that they will curtail their operations agianst international shipping somewhat before a major incident is sparked with fatal consequences. He also expresses his apology for not being able to do much against these pirates due to the limited firepower and manpower avaliable to him at the current time.He would invite the Chinese in to the country to help combat the Warlords but he fears that if he did they would band together to defeat the Chinese and the government.

At least one of the Warlords has responded to the President's moves by launching a mortar attack against the Mogadishu international airport where a number of airliners from international countries were busy embarking or disembarking their passengers. A total of six mortar rounds were fired at the parked aircraft and five of the shells missed completly whilst a sixth shell hit a airliner carrying tourists from the Greater German Reich. The shell landed at the worse possible time when the passengers were disembarking. The shell hit the one of the wings before exploding and the explosion and sharpnel penetrated the fuel tanks and caused the entire aircraft to go up in flames, taking the lives of all its one hundred passengers and the ten person air crew with it. Two BMP-40's were on guard duty at the airport however, they were unable to catch the militia vehicle before it escaped.

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Fierce fighting has broken out in the Western side of Mogadishu as government troops and armed militia engage each other. Reports of machine gun fire and rockets have filtered in as a number of government troops are attempting to storm a series of apartments which are believed to be used by Warlod Ali Kazih for storing weapons and ammo which are then either used by his militia or sold on the market. Inital fighting began when the government troops made their first move to assult the buildings when they came under heavy fire from multiple floors of the buildings. The government soldiers were beaten back with the loss of one of their own, without being able to inflict any casualties amongst the militia. It has been confirmed that at least one BMP-40 IFV is being moved up to assist the government troops in their fight. Rumors that Warlord Ali Kazih is linked or part of the pirate raids that occur of the coast are unconfirmed. More on this as we get it.

In other news there has been no claim of responsibilty for the mortar attack on the international airport that occured earlier today. In the attack one hundred tourists from the Greater German Reich were killed along with the aircrew of their aircraft. So far there has been no response from the German government.

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We shall comply with this however, I once again stress that you do not I repeat do not attempt such operations. To do so could band not only the Warlords but the common people together as one and you would face a guerllia war like never before. Also please be aware that a lot of the militia operate from towns and are indistinguishable from the civilian population. Any such attack could result in civilian casualties which could prove fatal to the government. However, we do know that the majority of the pirates are operating from the North we suggest you look for targets across the coast and destroy them which should stop the pirate operations.

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fighting has continued late into the night in Moghadishu where government soldiers are currently fighting for control of a number of buildings in the Western side fo the city. With he arrival of a BMP-40 its seems the fighting has started to shift towards that of the government as elven militamen are now confirmed dead for the loss of three government soldiers. However, not everything has gone as the government had wished as the soldiers stormed the apartments a rocket launcher armed militiaman ws able to destory the BMP-40 before he himself was killed by return fire. Though at this point it is safe to day that the government will soon have control of the apartment buildings. More news at six o'clock.

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Chinese New Network Announcements

The United States of China has imposed a media black out on their operations in the Indian Ocean and bases in Sichuan.


The United States of China invades Northern Somolia

Unites States of China Airforce Operations:

Offshore, USC spy ships, and EWAC C-130s would operate in Somolia Airspace initiating electronic warfare on Somolia to black out communications out of that country.

B-8 Stealth Bombers would drop EMP bombs on the countries power plants, radio, telephone, and cell towers to block the Northern half of the country from being able to communicate for several days. By the time the world would know that the USC had troops in Somalia, nobody would be in a position to counter their operation, save for the Imperium, but the Imperium didn't benefit from Somali Piracy anymore than the USC did.

United States of China Army Operations:

At Dawn the town of Berbera in Northern Somolia would heard the sounds of multiple large aircraft flying below radar. Firing flares as they went, six C-130s made rapid landings onto the runways onto the Berbera airport runway. These pilots were trained to be able to make short landings and move into positions.

As they landed, they activated high frequency sonic weapons, which had been placed on the outside of their hulls. This prevented anyone from approaching them as they taxied to a stop. Opening up, three deployed six MCS armored vehicles, while rolled out onto the tarmac and establish a defensive perimeter. Behind them 3 Platoons of Shock Troopers and 1 platoon of combat engineers moved out. The MCS forces would move to engage militia defense units with their superior fire power.

Light weight UAV vehicles and small remote UGVs would be deployed to setup a full visual perimeter around the airport. Shock troopers would be used to take control of the main terminal, hangar, and tower. Combat engineers would setup into four fire squads around the terminal and tower to provide additional heavy fire support with the MCS units.

Once this was done, the C-130s would take off, the next flight of C-5s would move in soon, once the area was confirmed secure. Once UGVs had secured the airport fuel tanks, they could begin flying in and stationing large aircraft at the base.

JESF Operations:

Off the coast of Bosaso, 12 V-22 Osprey at the same time would be flying in towards the outside of that city. These forces would each paradrop 20 force recon soldiers into the outskirts of the city, moving to secure the smaller air strip in that city. The rest would move into the main city, (about 200 total). These troops would be ordered to moved silently. These teams would remain in the shadows and locate enemy security positions, and radio it into Littoral Combat Ship launched predator drones offshore.

Once these forces were in position, predator UAVs would descend on the city firing off their hellfire missiles on these troop positions. As this happened, the full force which was coming in on the positions would come into view. BOFOR cannons from the Littoral Combat Ships offshore would lay down a defensive fire perimeter along the beachhead, as 150 JESF Expeditionary Infantry Combat vehicles would advance onto the beach heads, along with a dozen combat hover crafts deploying over five troops, 80 combat engineers, and 420 shock troopers.

These forces would be able to rapidly overwhelm militias in the city, and JESF force recon troops would able to ambush the enemy and engage them as they retreated further decapitating them.

Hovercrafts and Ospreys would return to the three Amphibious Assualt Docks offshore to begin moving in the next portion of the 5th Amphibious Expeditionary Battalion.

VTOL UAVs would be deployed to roads into the city, to engage and destroy enemy vehicles which would attempt to send further forces into the city.

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Whilst the EMP effects you have used do worry us we do wish you the best in your operations in Northern Somalia. Please be careful as it can be very hard to distinguish between civilian and militamen at times and one thing we can not accept is civilian deaths. As soon as we are done dealing with the milita in mogadishu we shall move forces north to assist your troops in dealing with the militia there. Again the best of luck with your operations.

The militia seeing that they were outgunned quickly dispersed into the homes and buildings in the town of Berbera where they quickly began to plan their attacks against the Chinese forces. With almost every home being equipped with a number of weapons and the citizens terrified due to this invasion the militia quickly found new members to join their ranks. Because most of the radios were out the milita sent of children on bicycles with written letters to inform the rest of the Warlords what had happened. These children were able to make it away becuase they just looked like children and the Chinese hadn't left the airport so they couldn't use any forces to stop them. In the meantime a group of mortars were used to fire from within the town at the airfield, this coupled with the fact they would fire one or two rounds before moving meant they were able to do so unseen by the Chinese and were gone from the launch area by the time the Chinses worked out their firing position. In total eleven mortar rounds were fired at the Chinese forces. With ten of the rounds exploding harmlessly against the tarmac or in the sand, one other round landed near to the Chinese forces but whether it caused any losses was unknown.

At Bosaso as the V-22's moved in the were spotted by sentries at the coast who were able to use older tech radios that had survived the EMP attacks to contact the city militia and as the V-22's came in they found themselves under RPG and small arms fire from milita units in the buildings. The majority of the missiles fired by the militia flew past without hitting anything but one lucky rocket did manage to slam into a V-22 however, it might have not been enough to outright destroy it at that time. Withthe knowledge that hostile forces would be moving into the city the citizens began to set up burning typre barricades on the main streets whilst the milita themsevles had IED's placed in the best possible places to destroy or kill invading forces.

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EWACs operating offshore would be able to intercept radio signals to the HQs. These would then be sent instantanously to Predator UAVs operating in the combat area. Hellfire missiles would be fired both at the spotters and the HQs which they were responded too.

IEDs and sniper attacks in Bosaso were not terribly effective. These units had been equipped with IED jammers and long range detonation devices, as well as fire triangulation units, which would triangulate the acoustic sound of a sniper rifle, and put a projectile in that location to destroy the position. This would mean that the ability for the enemy to setup effective ambushes was not terrible effective.

C-130s would land at Bosaso Airport (three of them, offloading an additional 100 troops, 1 NLOS cannon, and 1 Command Vehicle.). These forces would setup a defensive perimeter around the airport and the large self propelled artillery unit would give the invasion force the ability to put down rapid and accurate heavy artillery fire down on any location with in a 90 kilometer radius.

An additional four hundred troops came ashore via hover craft to further augment the battalion force occupying the town. These troops were counter insurgency forces which were experts and securing area. These forces were deployed to several buildings along the coastal perimeter to allow for forces to begin using this as a perimeter.

The lucky shot by the RPG did manage to down one Osprey, though the others would immediately bring their heavy machine guns to bear on the location where the Osprey was shut down, as they unloaded their troops down via zipline. The fire nests which they were taking RPG fire from, were torn apart by .50 caliber machine gun, as troops swarmed out to help their downed comrades.

The Osprey managed a landing despite having one rotor severely damaged. The co pilot and five of the troops in the interior of the craft were dead. The pilot was severely wounded. The JESF shocktroopers in the back, fifteen in all got out of the Osprey quickly. Two equipped with exo-skeleton firing systems were able to lay down gatling fire as they moved into buildings. These would be complimented by the now around 60 additional combat troops that ziplined down into the combat situation. These forces would be ordered to engage this section of the city and hold out.

Orders were given to ten of the combat vehicles defending the coastal neighborhoods which had largely been secured to move into this area and help secure it and evac the troops down there.

Meanwhile in Berbara three massive C-5 Galaxies landed in the airport. Onboard one of them 2 NLOS Cannons were onloaded, onboard another a battle space defense system and two NLOS Mortars were onloaded. On a third, five hundred soldiers were unloaded in full combat battle gear. These planes would unload and take off as three more C-5s would unload a repair-engineer regiment, a logistics regiment, and six additional MCS combat vehicles.

100 troops and 8 MCS combat vehicles would be ordered to move cautiously into the nearby surrounding neighborhood around the airport, with the orders of performing show of force recon, to draw out the enemy and engage them. Troops would stick close to the MCS units, whose active defenses would be able to intercept RPGs before they arrived. NLOS mortars would then be used to shell enemy fire positions and knock them out.

The entire Indian Ocean Fleet would be in position within the day.

OOC: My artillery uses guided shells, so the mortars would be able to hit around a 4 meter radius of the target, meaning there would be a severely reduced chance I'd hit non-combatants unless they were in the same buildings as the combatants (though in this scenario thats very likely).

Indian Ocean Fleet:

1st Amphibious Assualt Flotilla (in theatre):

3 Amphibious Assualt Dock

5 Littoral Combat Ships

2nd Aircraft Carrier Flotilla

2 Aircraft Carrier

2 Destroyers

2 Frigates

2 Missile Cruisers

3rd Battleship Flotilla:

4 Guided Missile Battleships

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The Confederate States of America wishes to inquire with the Somalian government about the transfer of prisoners and other undesirables in their government to the Confederacy for use as laborers. Such a contract would entail the Confederacy arranging for Confederate citizens to pay the Somalian government on a case by case basis for such people. It would be an excellent source of income for the Somalian government as well as an excellent source of labor for the Confederacy.

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Response to the Chinese:

With the more advanced form of IED's failing to explode the militia resulted in using less advanced technology to lay their traps and instead used a small number of anti-tank mines and laying a large number of explosives devices connected to trip wires or pressure points through out the streets. However, with such the sudden rush of Chinese forces into the area and the sheer disadvantage that they faced most of the militia just turned their guns in and went home to be with their families. Only the diehard supporters of the Warlords remained to fight and they would fight to their deaths.

Response to the Confederacy:

We are delighted by this offer by yourselves and we thank you for being so cordial with such a nation as ourselves. We would gladly take up your offer and we shall have the first set of prisoners ready to be sent as soon as the paperwork for it is established.

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OOC: He's the confederacy >>

Bosasao, Somolia

Forces would use remote UGVs to scout ahead along their patrol path. These cheap glorified remote control cars would be used to find and disable trip wires, allowing troops to continue to move forward. By now an entire JESF force of 2400 troops were in the city from the Assualt Ships, and an additional 1500 (mostly force stabilization troops) along with arabic specialists were flown in. The Marine Shock troopers would clear and surround an neighborhood and then teams of force stabilization troops would enter into and make deals with patriarchs and religious leaders to allow them to search houses and give up militants and weapons in exchange for goods such as water filters, radios, and large quantities of coffee and cigarettes. While they were pretty sure that they weren't getting everyone who was taking potshots at them, they were pretty sure they were getting the big militants and were allowed to search homes for the guns and bombs which were the most important.

Two assualt battalions would be flown in next to the airport to act as strike forces, one to move south, and one to move west and secure more of the the country from the militants.

Berbara, Somalia

Forces in Berbara had now surged to a full brigade after non stop flights in and out via strategic air lift. 8, 000 troops, 20 combat vehicles were in position to begin a full scale assualt on the warlord neighborhoods. The army began a similar tactic, hold a secure base area from which to operate, extending from the shore to the air port, outside of that area they would use surround and clear tactics by paying off locals. Then they station small fire teams within on area of the neighborhood where they could monitor it. This would mean that they could keep an eye on these parts of the city at night, but it also meant they were a bit more vulnerable.

With drones in position now throughout most of the northern part of the country, searching for targetted convoys, warlords would soon find the roads unsafe for them. The predator drones were ordered to find and engage these convoys, in addition, we two aircraft carriers now positions one of two squadrons of Buckaneer Ground Attack Bombers were now flying over the country. If it was a large convoy, the drone could just follow the convoy till a bomber arrived and dropped its sizable payload of bombs onto the targets. Because this was mostly down in rural areas and in between village, the amount of power that would be used on civilians would be negligable. Because radio transmissions were still being jammed by EWAC, the ability for the warlords to completely know what was going on was also significantly diminished.

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OOC: I don't get it O.o

IC: The remote cars did their jobs well and detonated many of the traps and IED's set by the militia causing the militia to try and just charge at the Chinese forces which of course ensured that the milita took massive losses whilst the Chinese would take very few losses in return. As for the people in their homes and the leaders of the local religions they allowed the troops to search but refused to hand over any of their weapons as it was their only feeling of safety. The surviving militia in the city attempted to flee to the warlord's hideouts firther in the country though whther they would survive against the Chinese was highly doubtful.

Meanwhile in Berbara, the residents after getting over their intial shock of the Chinese invasion noticed how they only seemed to be attacking the militia and they happily took up arms against the militia ctahcing said men and women by surprise which resulted in a lot of dead militia and a few dead citizens. Seeing how hopeless it was the militia began to surrender to the Chinese forces as quickly as they culd becuase to be caught by the citizens meant a painful death.

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OOC: You agreed to give him laborers... think about that.


The United States of China by the end of the week had secured most of the Northern half of the country. Forces that attempted to flee were routinely engaged by air patrols which made traveling the major roads impossible. Forces of the militias were disorganized an unawares of the macro situation as the USC had now complete control of the broadcast towers and village check points.

Orders were past down from above to create a false news reports telling about how the religious courts actually were the ones to welcome the USC in, and that the warlords had proven to be corrupt and stealing from the people. Trained African agents would be positioned as traveling islamic clerics to talk about how the USC was doing allahs work.

As the USC controlled information, even creating false messenger and dissent networks to discredit others, they were able to have the truth be what they made of it. The rest of the world would not know what was going on in the North of Somalia, as no one else could get their voice in. F-8 Enforcers kept the skies clear.

Construction ships were enroute to help begin construction on a major port base which would allow the USC fleet to make port bases from the two cities they occupied. Commercial flights would be used to transport additional forces in, their goal was to have 80, 000 troops in the country as a method of stabilizing and shutting down the international piracy trade on the Somali Coast.

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