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Crimean Armed Forces Factbook


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The Crimean Ermid Fursis

The Crimean Armed Forces are the overall unified military forces of the Empire of Crimea Iso. The Crimean military was first formed during the Independence of the Empire to defend the new nation against the foreign threats after Crimea Iso seceded from the Russian Empire. The Emperor/Empress is Commander-in-Chief of the military, with the Liedir uf thi Wer Tup Bress acting as the principal organ by which military policy is carried out. The Crimean military is composed of about 80,000 personnel. The Crimean military draws its manpower from a large pool of volunteers and as such conscription is neither needed nor desirable as it maintains a purely professional military force.

The Crimean Ermia

The Crimean Ermia (Army) is the branch of the Crimean Armed Forces responsible for land-based military operations. It is the largest and oldest established branch of the Crimean military.

Manpower of the Crimean Ermia:

30,000 active troops

20,000 reservists

Small Arms:

ET-SG3 (assault rifle)

M249 SAW (light machine gun)

M107 (long range sniper rifle)

Mk 14 Mod 0/1 (multi-purpose rifle)


CT Mk.1 (MBT; 5,000 active)

C-23 (Cainian MBT; 100 reserve)

M-1 (IoA MBT; 5 reserve)

M1A2 (MBT; 25 decommissioned)

ETLAV (infantry fighting vehicle/APC; 525)

AAVP7 (amphibious assault vehicle)


A-1 (IoA CAGSA; 15)


M198 Howitzer (155 mm)

The Crimean Eor Fursi

The Crimean Eor Fursi (Air Force) is the aerial warfare branch of the Crimean armed forces.


10,000 active

2,500 reservist

Fighter Aircraft

ETSF-1B (stealth multirole fighter)

SB-1 (stealth, radar jamming multirole fighter)

Bomber Aircraft

ETSB-1 (stealth bomber)

B-2 (stealth bomber, 5 reserve)


Boeing 747 (highly modified cargo plane)

C-1 (IoA strategic transport)

MH-53 (transport helicopter)

V-22 (transport tiltrotor)

Electronic Warfare

ETSF-J1 (radar jammer, communications relay)

Boeing 747 (AWACS; 3)

The Crimean Nevia

The Crimean Nevia (Navy) is the sea branch of the Crimean Armed Forces. It operates 9 ships in active service and about 5 aircraft. The Crimean Nevia also has a marine division of about 7,500 active soldiers and 2,500 reservists.


10,000 marines active

3,500 ship crew members

2,000 reservist

Crimean Navy

The Crimean Geyrd

The Crimean Geyrd (Guard) is the elite forces of the Crimean Armed Forces. Most of their gear is classified and may not be released. These forces undergo extensive training and are often veterans who have proven themselves in combat. All Crimean Geyrd forces are on active duty around important buildings in Rostovi Corner.


1,000 Heavy Guard (battle suit equipped)

1,000 Semi-Heavy Guard (not battle suit equipped)

The Crimean Wiepuns uf Mess Distryktoun

The Crimean Armed Forces is known to have possessed one type of weapon of mass destruction: chemical weapons.

Chemical Weapons

White Phosphorous (both artillery shells and bombs)

Napalm (bombs)

Chlorine (bombs)

Iron(III) Chloride (aerial powder drop)

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