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Vox Populi Announcement


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I do not recognize Vox Populi as an alliance, but rather a one-time gaggle of people thrown together that will just as soon disperse.

--Ardus Cadogan, 18 August 2008.


Well, we sure showed him didn't we?


It has been six months since Vox Populi re-formed at the outset of the BLEU Massacre and declared war on GGA and Valhalla in the same way they had on Hyperion -- for the hell of it. Since then we've been at war with those two, as well as with the infinitely more detestable ODN, and a whole lot of other scoundrels. We've gained and lost hundreds of members and millions of NS in that time, mostly lost. Now is the time to remember.

Let us remember those who started this movement. Even though many have moved on, be it to different things, retirement or death, let us give our thanks to the original eleven who started this movement. Disgusted with a war declared without reason or cause we stood up against and entered a battle we had no hope of winning or escaping (except for Srqt, the weasel). Including myself, thank you: Cheyenne, King Srqt, Rebel Virginia, West of Eden, Moridin, MegaAros, Chickenzilla, Schattenmann, Jonathan Brookbank, and Starfox. It was reckless, but just. And it was fun.

Let us remember those who joined with us, both in those days and in days since. Let us give thanks for their dedication to our cause and our fight. Let us never forget that these people, by the hundreds, stood up in the face of tyranny and shouted their dissent from the depths of their lungs and the barrels of their guns. While most have now moved on from Vox Populi and bitter words may have followed, we do not begrudge those who cannot embrace eternal war.  Thank you all for your service, for giving it your all.

Let us remember those now lost to the cause and the world. It is for those who have been destroyed or else driven from the planet that we fight hardest. Let us keep their struggles within our hearts, and spur ourselves on with the pain of their loss. Let us not regret their passings, for they have gone from us in a way that could be no more honourable: while fighting tooth and nail, never giving up or giving in. Their sacrifices are an example to us all.

Let us remember our bravest Knights: The Hero of the Red Team and democratically elected Senator of the nations therein, the honourable kingzog, and the Saviour of the Green Team and democratically elected Senator of the nations therein, the honourable Cylon. In a beautiful coup de main kingzog did what they all said was impossible, sending a clear message to the New Pacific Order and nations everywhere that freedom is within their grasp. Exploiting the apathy of the ruling cartel on Green Team, Cylon whisked away a Senate seat and claimed it for his own, demonstrating that the will of the people cannot be opposed by even the strongest coalition of corrupt alliances.

It has been six months of mockery, of constant attack, of tanks and bombs. It has been six months insisting that we were on the edge of oblivion, that soon we would be silent and the world would come to order. It has been six months of beration for not conforming or complying with the world's strict societal standards. It has been six months of the same tired vitriol, the platitudes and empty politics. Now, after six months of war, let us remember that which matters most:

We are still here!



There has been some confusion for many months now as to what exactly the philosophy of Vox Populi is. Our detractors have pulled all sorts of examples that range from totally different ends of the spectrum based on what Vox Populi members have written and distributed. Let us make no mistake: these are not the official philosophy of Vox Populi. They are the views as expressed by their creators, whether they be views on how or what Vox Populi should be or on how to make a proper turkey sandwich.

The true philosophy of this movement can be traced all the way back to our name: "Vox Populi", or "voice of the people". Even this has been thrown at us by our enemies as we do not represent the voice of their people. Well of course not. I'm not sure how we are supposed to give voice to people who want nothing more than for us to lose our own voice. I suppose we could shut up but then that would be favouring their philosophy over our own -- we couldn't have that.

Instead it is the nature of this alliance to do everything in our power to enable the freedom of expression of those who join our cause. Certainly membership in Vox Populi more than anywhere else opens more possibilities for what can be expressed with words. If you don't believe me I advise you to go start a thread about opening an espionage programme on your alliance forum and offer to be the head of it. After that, post that you've done this in your Vox Populi application and I will expedite your acceptance.

And that is the crux of it: our guiding philosophy is to give voices to those who otherwise have none. It is what drives us and motivates us. Some would say it is not a philosophy at all, and I would agree. Instead it is a principle, one we will fight to uphold so long as there's a breath left in us. Our alliance exists to serve as an example of what true freedom to speak your mind is, and what this place should be: a world without social conventions and restrictions on the intellectual and political dialogue of the public.

The failure of various -isms and -ologies has brought us into a dark world. People fear to speak their genuine thoughts, thinking only of the political backlash it may bring their alliance. The exceptions are few and far between. The true happenings of the backrooms where the wheeling and dealing of a handful of elites takes place remain closed to public eye. When anything true is revealed it is denied; when any speculations is made it is decried; and when anything false is presented it is mocked. What else is there to say?

Two words: "I dissent". Vox Populi has broken out of the box that previous philosophies has built up around us. We say what we want without shame and without recourse. Those who are sympathetic to the freedoms we champion and the world we seek would serve us all best by doing the same.



Many months ago the Senate of Vox Populi realised that it is perhaps not the best long-term strategy to stand on the toes of every single alliance in existence. While many of them are in some way connected to those we seek to eliminate or subdue, we recognise that their agendas and goals are not necessarily aligned as well. The ally of my enemy does not have to be my enemy.

However, there was little we could do to embody this sentiment. Then I had a brilliant idea -- I know, I know, I'm full of them! -- why not start signing treaties of non-aggression and non-espionage with alliances that we have no interest in aggravating or spying on? Genius! Unfortunately, none of the alliances we've approached were interested in signing such a treaty. Many have policies of not signing "NAPs" at all, apparently. We can understand why, as generally these types of treaties are useless and/or superseded by MDPs. Vox doesn't really apply to these normal rules (something we take great pride in), but nevertheless it was back to the drawing board!

The Fashionably Late Compact


To further Peace and Good Relations, Vox Populi (Vox) and undersigned alliances agree to the following Terms:

Article I: Scope of the Agreement

1.   In the signing of this pact, it must be clear that all signatories remain sovereign, as do the members in each alliance.

2.   This treaty shall function as though it were individual treaties between Vox and each of the undersigned.

3.   In the event that any signatory enters into a state of war with a third party, the other signatories are not obligated to participate for either side.

Article II: Prohibition of War

1.   No member nation of any of the undersigned shall declare war on any member nation of Vox.

2.   No member nation of Vox shall declare war on any member nation of any of the undersigned.

3.   Should a member nation of one party attack a member nation of the other party, the leaders of the attacking nation's alliance must issue a statement that the attacker acted without the consent of their alliance, within 36 hours of notice being sent to the leadership of the attacking nation's alliance.

4.   The receiving alliance must acknowledge receipt of the message within 24 hours, even if discussions regarding the attack have not completed.

5.   Both before and during the 36 hour notification period, as described in Article II, Section 3, the attacked nation shall not engage in retaliatory attacks against the attacking nation.

6.   The attacking nation's alliance is responsible for war reparations at least equal to the losses suffered by the attacked nation, less any losses suffered on the part of the attacking nation should the attacked nation fail to comply with Article II, Section 5.

7.   If the reparations determined by Article II, Section 6 are negative due to the attacked nation retaliating for more damage than the attacking nation did, the alliance of the attacked nation must pay reps to the alliance of the attacking equal to the negative amount.

Article III: Restrictions on Aid

1.   No member nation of Vox shall provide aid - be it military, financial, or technological - to enemies of any of the undersigned.

2.   No member nation of any of the undersigned shall provide aid - be it military, financial, or technological - to enemies of Vox.

3.   For the purposes of this agreement, enemies of Vox (or any of the undersigned) shall be defined as those nations and alliances that are in a state of war with Vox (or any of the undersigned).

4.   For the purposes of this agreement, reparations paid in pursuit of peace shall not be defined as aid.

5.   For the purposes of this agreement, should a member nation of either party provide aid to an enemy of the other party, this shall be considered an attack on the other party, and all the rules laid out in Article II shall apply, with the required war reparations being at least equal to the amount used in the aid attack.

Article IV: Spying

1. Vox will not actively or incidentally spy on any of the undersigned.

2. The undersigned will not actively or incidentally spy on Vox.

3. If either party recieves information related to the other party that may have been obtained through means of subterfuge, that party must inform the other party within 24 hours and turn over the information they have recieved.

4. If either party is found to be spying on the other party, all the rules laid out in article II shall apply, with the war reparations being an amount considered fair by both parties.

5. For the purposes of this agreement, spying is defined as, Discovering information, be it through active spying or passive listening, that has not been publicly divulged by either party.

Article V: Cancellation of Treaty

1. This treaty may be cancelled, for any reason, and at any time, by the Vox Senate.

2. Any of the undersigned may remove its signature from this treaty at any time for any reason, by the method of decision making of that undersigned party.

3.   Notification of cancellation by Vox must be sent to the leadership of all Signatories within 36 hours, and for this purpose the rules laid out in Article II, Section 4 shall apply.

4. Notification of removal of a signnature by any of the undersigned must be sent to the Vox Senate within 36 hours, and the rules laid out in Article II, Section 4 shall apply.

5. Should this treaty be cancelled by Vox, or any of the undersigned remove its signature, following acknowlegdement of the cacellation/removal, a 72 hour grace period will take effect, during which neither Vox nor any affected Signatories will declare war on, spy on, or aid enemies of the other party.

Article VI: Treaty amendments.

1. This treaty may be amended by a normal vote of the Senate of Vox Populi at any time.

2. Vox must notify all the undersigned of passed amendments within 24 hours.

3. All amendments will go into effect within 48 hours of given notification to the undersigned.


[Your name here!]

Those alliances wishing to sign this Compact may contact me or any other Senator by whatever means they wish. Signatures to this treaty may be done in the traditional way, with an announcement and subsequent mindless hailfest, it may be done with you simply adding your signatures and us updating it, or you may sign this privately where only the Senate of Vox Populi will be privy to your signature.

At this time, all member alliances of One Vision and all current signatories of The Mobius Accords are prohibited from signing this Compact. Additionally, the Orange Defense Network is barred from signing, should they make peace, as they apparently are spying on us. Or something.

To: Gatherum    From: Setsuna    Date: 2/14/2009 2:03:41 PM

Subject: Your done.

Message: You want to declare on another ODN Member?

That's simply pathetic, Now you can learn your lesson the hard way.

This time Vox needs hear this before they put you back again, Not to mention i have a Represenativge friend in there. Let's see, What you response is.



The Senate of Vox Populi would like to remind you that this month is February. If you are not sure, check UNIMATRIX. As UNIMATRIX will also undoubtedly tell you, there are a couple less days in February than in most months! Despite this enormously challenging wrench in our automated scheduling programmes which now run our elections, the Vox Senate has come to a simple solution.

We will be ending our terms early this month so that the next Senate term may begin at the beginning of next month. We just thought you should know as this is very much your business and of great concern to some of your members. We will be in touch when those elections come around to remind you. Also, hi USBR! Where are you??



As we noted earlier, Vox Populi has been at war for a very long time. Not as long as FAN, perhaps, but very long. We're really getting tired of it now so we are actively starting to seek peace from those alliances at war with us. The reasons are many, but we have them. Mostly we just want to be able to buy infrastructure again.

Unfortunately, over time we have lost track of just who we're at war with. We raid a lot of people connected through the MDP web. More have raided us. Then there are those who've actually declared war. It's a muddled mess and we're really confused as to who consideres themselves in a state of war with Vox Populi. Those that are should contact us immediately, preferably for peace negotiations!

Now I know what you're thinking: Vox hasn't got a chance at this! I must admit, you're not far from what I was thinking! How could an alliance that has spied, poached members, and broken prettymuch every rule of conduct that the NPO has put in place over 3 years possibly get peace? It's a pickle, no doubt about it, but we've got an ace in the hole. A good friend who knows just how to get us where we want to be. He fights for us.


For months, Slayer99 has been an opponent of Vox Populi. Outspoken and brash, he hated us with a passion. But now, a light has shone down upon him and he has experienced an epiphany: we're really not so bad, once you get to know us. It is thus my proud privelege to announce that Slayer99 of The Phoenix Federation has entered the service of Vox Populi as official legal counsel.

It doesn't matter if you're friend or foe, spy or sabotouer, or even someone he accused of being a racist fascist for a year. If you're in a spot of perma-ZI trouble, Slayer99 can deliver you to freedom for a fee so low, you'd think he was selling tech to NPO. This guy is just. This guy is legit. This guy is our champion, and we highly recommend his totally altruistic negotiating services.


The journey to the end of this thread has been as long as Vox's journey to this thread, for many of you. We appreciate your dedication to getting here. We hope you enjoyed our brief announcement, we look forward to making many more. We'll close tonight with a musical act, something we've been holding auditions for for weeks. We fine-tuned the contestants and think we got it just right.


Fred Astaire as Starfox101



Ginger Rogers as Doitzel, Vox Dei

For the Senate and People of Vox Populi,

Doitzel, Vox Dei

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