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Magentian Politics

New Frontier

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OOC: This is the thread in which all of the RoM's internal politics will take place. It's not a closed RP, but I imagine it'll be mostly just myself.


The Royal Palace, Petra, Magenta

The four Counts sat around a conference table deep within the walls of the Royal Palace, each one of them trying to shout over top of the others to catch the ear of His Excellency, Lord Ammon, son of Ammon.

"Your Excellency, I rule over the largest county in the Realm, and contribute more money, soldiers and resources to the Realm than any of my peers. I implore you, Sire, to appoint me Viceroy of the newly acquired lands." Sir Dagon, Count of Aries was right, of course. He did contribute the most to the nation, and if he were to ever withdraw his county's membership the Realm would be in dire straits. However, Lord Ammon was growing weary of the Count's constant power plays.

This time it was Sir Ollisar's turn to speak up. "Sire, to give the Count this kind of responsibility would surely be a foolhardy decision, considering the amount of land he already has to administrate, as well as his duties as High Envoy to the world. I believe that I would be more than capable of taking on the extra duties involved in being Viceroy of the Asian territories. And do not forget, Your Excellency, that Libra contributes nearly as much to the Realm as Aries does."

The two lesser Counts from smaller counties found themselves silenced by the veiled threats of leaving given to the Lord by the more powerful Counts. While they truly desired the power involved in serving as Viceroy, they knew that Lord Ammon could not risk losing either of the two most powerful counties.

Lord Ammon sighed. This would not be an easy decision. If he picked one, the other might leave. But if he chose neither, they might both leave.

no, it would not be an easy decision at all.

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