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Announcing Season 8 of the Ark Premier League

Philip The Great

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The Nations Of Ascended Honor (NOAH), which is one of the greatest football (soccer) alliances in CyberNations, is pleased to invite the strongest, the fastest, the best and the brightest of your nation's sports stars to come to the the Ark Premier League, the official football (soccer) league of NOAH and one of the sanctioned leagues in the FIFOB. For the first time ever, the doors of the Ark are being opened to the Friends of NOAH, which means that all are welcome to be a part of the rich tradition that is the Ark Premier League! The winner of the Champions Division earnes the right to forever hold this season's prestigious Ark Trophy of Glory. However, the competition will be stiff, as all have their eyes on the prize, so if you have what it takes, you and your nation will be known as one of the few, the best, the brightest in the annals of football! In addition, since the Ark Premier is one of the sanctioned leagues in the FIFOB, your results go toward improving your ranking in the FIFOB World Rankings. Applications for new nations to join are now being accepted!

The Ark Premier League is a competitive league hosted on the Xpert Eleven site, which is free to all, so it is easy and quick to learn how to compete. No prior knowledge or ownership of any program is necessary to be competitive. In the league, you manage a team, both in the forming and training of the team, and also in the setting of rosters and tactics for every match. You even have the options of buying and selling talent, as well as developing new players from the youth league. And, of course, you get to match up against other players on the pitch and watch as the games are played out, to see how your carefully selected players compete on the world stage in their quest to win the coveted Ark Trophy of Glory!

A unique opportunity is being offered this season, as two managers of teams that have been around since the first season have just retired, and their developed clubs are ready to have the reins taken by a new nation. This opportunity is a first come, first serve opportunity to take over Celtic and the Crusaders and make the legend that is their clubs part of your legend, as well. However, you also have the opportunity to start your team from the beginning to see if you can guide and develop your club all the way to the summit of the Ark. Whichever way is your preference, it is yours and all you need is to apply! To apply, follow the link and sign up for league 112665: Ark Premier League. Registration is open through Sunday, February 22, 2009, so join today!

The Ark Premier League is hosted by NOAH, it is not a requirement to be a member of NOAH to join. However, if you currently do not belong to an alliance, or are looking for a new alliance, feel free to join NOAH and register for Season 6. Applications to join NOAH are found here, and the link for instructions to enter the Ark Premier League is in the Ministry of Sport. Join us as and discover what football is like on the open seas in the Ark, and be ready for a fun ride!

For more information:

Ark Premier League Wiki site

NOAH Forums

NOAH Wiki site

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