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State of the Alliance


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State of the Alliance

This week sees the Siberian Tiger Alliance again hovering just below the 130 member mark with our growth in numbers hindered by nations ceasing to exist and an expulsion. The alliance passed the 2 million total strength mark and the average strength has risen to over 16,000.

In domestic news the week was one of mixed emotion. We celebrated passing the 2 million nation strength mark on the same day one of our members was expelled from the alliance for forming a spy ring. However, the positives outweighed the negatives and the Siberian Tiger Alliance looks forward to pressing on with our growth campaign.

Season 9 of the Siberian Trophy got underway last week with a sixteen team competition across two divisions. We welcomed two new managers, Gokartwock and Logan Smith.

The Consilium Tigris has been remodelled in the first step of a major revamping of the Siberian Tiger Alliance government set up. Zulchep (Foreign Affairs), Shodemofi (Finance), Bzelger (Military), Rakari (Admissions) and Pezstar (Education) now form the Consilium Tigris and will have greater autonomy over their respective portfolios. I would also like to thank Mingle for his efforts in the past year and look forward to his assistance in the running of this alliance in a new role.

In military news, it has been a quiet week. A surge in applications for tech raiding licenses has kept Rakari busy and I'm sure she now looks forward to Bzelger taking over that responsibility.

In foreign affairs news, the Siberian Tiger Alliance has handled the Madmonkey incident to the satisfaction of all parties and is currently in discussion over a new treaty which will hopefully be announced before the next State of the Alliance address.

Overall, the week has seen us pass a major milestone, deal with an unsavoury incident and begin working on our government structure so as we can continue to grow and develop as an alliance.

Za Sibir'!

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dose this state of the alliance thing happens every week?


it is great to know what is happening in STA, without reading such valuable information; I would be stuck with only collecting taxes and paying bills.

Thankyou STA for keeping my interest ;)

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