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Mostly Harmless Declaration of War


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Mostly Harmless Declaration of War

While we are “mostly” harmless, we can be pushed too far. And we have been. Over time, we have been continually mocked, threatened and attacked and we've had enough. We've just finished the worst 30 days of MHA's existance, and we're angry. We declare war.

Our casus belli is as follows:

*Poaching nations from MHA;

*Regularly trolling top MHA government;

*Entering MHA forums without permission, invading key threads;

*Attempting to coup MHA government, removing several Ministers from power;

*Encouraging rogue nations to attack MHA;

*Other invasions upon our peace and security well known to all.

MHA considers these actions to be acts of war against us, and makes the DoW as a defense. MHA believes that casus foederis exists for our allies to join in our defense. We hereby invoke:

*The Mobius Accords, calling TOP, Sparta, NPO, Valhalla, TPF, OG, IRON, NATO, MXCA to provide all assistance;

*Trident, calling FARK and NATO;

*The Härmiln accords, calling our Grämlin brothers to our side;

*All our other MDoAP and MDP partners to defend us, including Umbrella, Zenith, TORN, FOK, TAB, ACV, RoK;

*Individual treaties with NPO, TOP, Sparta and NATO redundant of tC.

Those of you not under obligation to defend MHA, please consider the merits of our cause and consider helping. Unaligned nations of conscience, come join the fight. Aqua alliances, your color is under threat, and we need a show of unity. We have friendships that go beyond our treaty relationships.

Allies past and future, stand up and be counted. Today, we declare war on real life. Coordination for attack will take place in MHA’s new forums at www.mostlyharmlessalliance.com, in our “Somebody Else’s Problem” forum. There, we usually simply ignore real life. Today, we begin an all out assault on RL.

Everyone, please select your targets and let the spam fly. MHA has had enough. Real life, face the wrath of MHA and its allies.

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Umm... wut?

MHA unfortunately faced problems over the last month. They has new forums. Floyd made me think there was drama then I realized what time it was so I read the thread.

I give it a 6/10, only because the thread wasn't closer to update.

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For their own failure to come to our aid in our war against this 'real life' a month ago, TORN shall have to discuss amongst its members to see if MHA shall be given our aid. You get what you give, MHA, and expecting us to fight for you when you failed to come fight for us in our own dire time shows a great deal about your character.


In all seriousness, godspeed in your quest to have a better time from here on out.

Edited by Lord Boris
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