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Vaule President holds press conference on conflict in Europe

Imperator Azenquor

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VNN: President Rokossovsky regarding war in Europe:


-President Rokossovsky

“It appears that once again there will be a major conflict in Europe, this time the conflict may spread even further west with the potential involvement of certain members of the RUSSIAN pact. We however shall not be one of those members. With what we know of the situation, we do not see the nation of Gebiv as a threat to our security, or to the security of the European region.

As such, I am declaring with immediate effect, that Vaule’s territorial waters are closed to any combatant nation, including any RUSSIAN pact nation directly involved in this conflict. We will not permit any nation involved in the conflict in Europe to transport any form of military equipment through our territory or through our airspace. Civilian transports may continue under the previous law (Article 232) and will not be hindered, unless they are suspected of being in breach of the Article.

Should the government of Vaule decide at some point in the future to change this position, we will issue a statement.

That is all. At this time, I will answer any questions the local or international press may have.”-President Yuri Rokossovsky


***Classified troop movements***

Army moves to DEFCON 3, Navy and AirForce move to DEFCON 2, SWoRD moves to DEFCON 1, Imperial Guard moves to DEFCON 2.25

The Vaule Navy increases patrols in Vaule’s territorial waters (areas in Green)


-Vaule territorial waters map

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The Crimean government has issued the following statement:

"We support the move by our southern ally, the Republic of Vaule. At this time we will be enacted similar protocols regarding our own waters and airspace. As of now, all our air armed forces are on high alert. All military aircraft from any nation moving to western Europe is hereby not allowed in Crimean airspace. In addition, no military vessels may enter Crimean waters. Commercial vessels must be searched briefly by Crimean marines before passing our waters."

OOC: Essentially, same as Vaule. Except if you want warships through, you'll need to practically sail to the North Pole.

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