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Bat Country [CNRPS]

Sal Paradise

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According to legend, in ancient times the desert lands of modern day Bat Country (then called Nevada) were occupied by a great human empire that spanned the continent exploiting it and its people with insatiable decadence. Scarcely habitable, the remote lands of Nevada were used to house military bases and secret government laboratories. The empire eventually fell, collapsing under the rotting weight of its own success, and the human settlements receded and declined.

Over the generations, a mysterious new species emerged in the underground caverns and abandoned military bunkers. At first the species went unnoticed, but over time tales of them began to proliferate in the remaining towns. They were described as hideous bat-like humanoids that prowled the deserts at night with fiery eyes, pointed elongated ears, grey skin, claws, fangs and wings. Few dared venturing out into the deserts at night and the popular expression “can’t stop here; this is bat country” was born. Fear soon gave way to hysteria and the humans began a concerted campaign to hunt and exterminate the new species. Poorly conceived and miscalculated, the campaign was a total disaster. Suspecting the creatures were some kind of vampire-like demons, raiding parties were organized during the day to attack the creatures “while they slept” armed with torches, shotguns and religious artifacts. Although caught off guard, the nocturnal creatures were no less capable of operating during the day than humans are of operating at night and easily repelled the first human raiding parties. Faced with an existential threat, the disparate tribes of these bat creatures united in defense and drove the humans from the borders of old Nevada. Over time the union consolidated into a confederated government and the bats began populating the surface land abandoned by the humans.

The origin of the species is unknown and rumours abound drawing on ancient myth and speculation.

While scientifically classified as chiroptera sapiens (wise bat) their bat-like appearance may only be coincidental and they might not have any relation to bats whatsoever. Some suggest they are the products of an ancient genetic experiment conducted in the secret laboratories of the fallen empire. Wilder theories contend they are in fact aliens captured by the empire and held in the government facilities. When the empire collapsed, the aliens were abandoned and forgot their origins over time. These theories draw on tales of the legendary “area 51” and descriptions of the aliens that are similar to the features of chiroptera sapiens. Still other theories, propagated by the humans they drove from Nevada, state that they are demons escaped from the pits of hell. Genetic testing has been inconclusive and proponents of all theories point to this as evidence supporting them. Genetically modified bats, aliens from another planet and demons are all likely to have unusual DNA.

Chiroptera sapiens themselves believe they are the descendants of bats, their evolution guided into a hyper-intelligent form by the Bat God, Wain. They do not consider themselves to be a higher form of bat, however. Rather they see themselves as fallen, punished by their god for an ancient transgression and forced to live human-like until their Messiah comes to redeem them, turning them back into pure bat form.

Their religion is monotheistic, but their single God, Wain, has three forms. Unlike the Christian trinity, Wain is not all three at once, but changes from one form to the next over time, the fortunes of his people changing with him. When the chiroptera sapiens were initially punished, Wain was in his most aggressive form, the emotional guttural Bale. At the present time, he is in his quietest form, a wooden and unnerved incarnation known as Keytun. The third form, the Messiah U'Est is characterized as kind and philosophical. The changes are not believed to be predetermined or linear. Should the chiroptera sapiens fail to please Keytun, there is still the threat that he may revert to Bale and heap more punishment upon them.



Chiropetera sapiens are grey-skinned with elongated ears, pointy human-like features, claw-like hands and feet, and fangs. They are born with wings and while children are capable of low level flight, adults generally are not.

They communicate with one another through high pitched squeals and squeaks inaudible to most humanoid species. Because of this, their own name for themselves is not transcribable and, for simplicity’s sake, in English they have taken the name given to them by their human adversaries, the unimaginative “batmen” (similarly, their nation is called Bat Country). Their form of communication naturally also allows them to echolocate, though they are not nearly as adept at it as bats.

They are secretly hematophagous.

Bat Country is a quiet, isolationist nation distrustful of outsiders. Only one city exists on the surface, the ancient city of Las Vegas, and serves as the surface capitol of the nation. All international trade and commerce is conducted in Las Vegas, while the vast majority of the population lives underground in labyrinthine caverns and military bunkers.

Their ambassador to the outside world is one Salvatore Paradise, Mayor of Las Vegas. Besides this one batman, nothing more is known about the Bat Country government.

OOC: Not sure about this fantasy thing, but that was kinda fun to come up with. :P

edit: typos and grammar

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