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CRAP! Who invited them to the party?

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(The Amazing Gallery of differently sized flags)


It is my pleasure to announce the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers (CRAP) has become a signatory of:

*The Chestnut Accords: http://maroonity.com/chest.html

*The Solidarity Pact for an Allied Maroon: http://maroonity.com/spam.html

*The Maroon Economic Pact: http://maroonity.com/eco.html

Signed for the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers on each document

Chuck Normis ~ Triumvir/Founder

Matthew Bear - Triumvir

Nathanius - Triumvir

Andy50 - Chancellor


o/ Maroonity

Also for your entertainment and pleasure, a poem from Goose:

[20:42:09] <@Goose|away|> Maroon

[20:42:10] <@Goose|away|> When seeking a sphere

[20:42:12] <@Goose|away|> One needs be clear

[20:42:13] <@Goose|away|> The lust in their heart

[20:42:15] <@Goose|away|> Shall conquer their fear

[20:42:17] <@Goose|away|> Perverts, degenerates, and psychos abound

[20:42:18] <@Goose|away|> The color sphere where most can be found

[20:42:20] <@Goose|away|> Maroon is their home

[20:42:21] <@Goose|away|> In such abundance they roam

[20:42:23] <@Goose|away|> For a good time call

[20:42:24] <@Goose|away|> 1-800-MAROONITY

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