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CN RP (R) The Land of Somalia Fact Book

King Kevz

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Nation Name: Land of Somalia

Nation Flag: somalia-flag.gif

National Capital: Mogadishu

Government Type: Dictatorship

General Nation Facts:

National language: Somali

Population: 9,558,666

Average GDP PC: $600

GDP Total: $5.575 billion

Currency: Somali shilling

Govt Spending As Percentage of GDP (Excluding Defense): 55%

Defense Spending As Percentage of GDP: 0.9%

Major Industries:

Arms Trading, Diamond Mining, Agriculture, Petroleum refining.

Government Data


President Muga Abal rules the country according to international sources however, he and his military only control the main cities and even then barely. President Abal rules the nation with a sharp iron fist ready to clamp down on those who dare go against his rule, minus the warlords of course. All of the nation's decisions are made by himself and are accepted 100% by the general population. All politcal parties have been banned by Presidential order.

The Warlords:

The real power that almost all foreign natioals will have to deal with is the warlords who control a different section of the nation at a time. Whilst none can stand up to he military they are constantly fighting each other over land and resources and so one may deal with a warlord one day and then have to remake the same deal again with a different one the next this does cause a lot of instability in the nation.

Military Status:

Military Type: Volunteer. Large number of Militia under control of the Warlords.

Military age: Offically 18 years of age.

Availability: 30,000 active forces.

Number of Active Militia: 200,000.

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Military Equipment in use by the Somalia military:

Infantry forces are armed with a mix of assualt rifles including, AK-47's, AK-101's and SAR-80's. A number of the soldiers are trained in the use of RPG-7's. They do not possess any body armour of any kind and do not wear a uniform instead dressing as any civilian would.

The military also has under its control two T-55 MBT and a group of six BTR-40's for when they need heavy fire support.

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