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Molon Labe Special Breaking News


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Zephir elected Molon Labe MoIA! Millions tremble in fear!

Late last night Zephir, self proclaimed Molon Labe Fall Guy and former insane asylum resident, was elected for the position of Minister of Internal Affairs for the Molon Labe alliance under what are suspicious circumstances. Local despot Atrocities had this to say about it.

"When was the vote held?" Atrocities demanded angrily. "Well its nice to know that I was cheated out my vote. I wonder who else didn't get the f****** memo that voting was taking place. Would have been god d*** nice to get an announcement. I am f****** disappointed. No, to say that is an understatement. Strike one."

Zephir was sworn in shortly after the tally of votes, measured in whole or partly chewed pieces of bacon, was counted. He then proceeded to start making his first acts as MoIA, in accordance with his somewhat dubious campaign promises.

"Thank you for electing me," Zephir said at the podium. "I would like to now announce that, as a man of my word, I will now live up to my campaign promises as best I can. However, I'm going to need everyone to meet me halfway on this. First, I require your immortal souls, so as I may traffick them. Secondly, I want to know if you want your eternal pain and suffering "Holy crap it burns" flavored, or if you want it "Where the bloody h*** did my appendages go" flavored. Finally, I would like to announce that the "1000 years of darkness" solar shade plan is well on its way to completion. Should be just in time for the summoning of Cthulhu, in fact."

A surprising number of Molon Labe denizens have already agreed to these terms and have turned over their immortal souls as well as eternal pain and suffering preference to Zephir. An even greater number, however, are either fleeing the country or buying all ammo off of Molon Labe markets as assurance against the inevitable horde of demons Zephir will end up bringing in.

"I knew it was a mistake," local woman Trisha Lionheart was quoted as saying. "But no one thought he was serious! I gotta, I gotta go."

Indeed, this is a dark day for Molon Labe, and a dark day for humanity as well.

In other news, the results of the election.

Molon Labe Government:












Oedipus Rex


Psychic Bacon

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Not giving up my soul.

Welcome back to some of our returning goobermint members and a great welcome to Zephir for his first term in an ML government position.]

o/o/o/ ML\o\o\o

Congrats all! And Zephirs first . gov position, however, he has been in many positions before with other members!

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