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Vaule Military Database Information

Imperator Azenquor

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Vaule Ground Forces (VGF)

Main Battle Tank:

T-90BV (Modified)


Standard Issue Arms:

-5.56mm M21S Assault Rifle/40mm grenade launcher

-M93 Long Range Rifle

-M70 B1 assault rifle

-M70 AB2 assault rifle

Multiple Rocket Launchers:

BM-30V (Modified)

VA-774 Hammer (Based on the TOS-1)

VA-732C (Based on the BM-21 Grad)

Air Defense Systems:

S-300V (Modified)


VA-210 AA Gun (Based on ZSU-23-4)

Attack Helicopters:


Mi-28 *(Imperial Guard Only)

Radar systems:

***To be added***

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

***To be added***

Armored Personnel Carriers

VC-091B (Based on the BTR-90)

Vaule Royal Rocketry Brigade

Vaule Offensive Missile Systems:

Ballistic Missiles:

Short Range:

V-02A Indefatigable (Based on the SS-1 Scud) Range: 300-700km

V-04C Dauntless (Based on the DF-15) Range: 600km

Medium Range:

V-10 Shiva (Based on the Iranian Shahab 3) Range: 1900km

V-09 Vishnu (Based on the Soviet R-5 Pobeda): 1200km

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile:

V-35 Goldeneye (Based on the SS-19 Stiletto) Range: 10,000km

V-39 Archangel (Based on the SS-25 Sickle) Range: 10,500km

Vaule Missile Defense Systems

-Strategic Defense Initiative

-V-800M (*Planning phase only)

-RUSSIAN missile Defense System

Surface to Air missiles

***To be added***

***Highly Classified***

Vaule Nuclear Response Corps

Nuclear Missiles:

Silo Based:

V-12 Petya (Based on the Soviet R-12 Dvina) Range: 2100 km

Submarine launched:

V-15 Widowmaker (Based on the Trident missile) Range: >4,000nm, 7,360 km

***End of Classified part ***


Vaule Air Force

Fighter Aircraft:



Su-37 (Modified for use by the VAF)

Su-33 (Navy Only)

Bomber Aircraft:


Additional Aircraft:




Vaule Navy

Putin Class Aircraft Carriers:

VNS Zhukov

VNS Stalin

VNS Azenquor

VNS Excelsior

Vladimir Class Destroyers

VNS Medvedev

VNS Lenin

VNS Krasnoyarsk

VNS Volga

VNS Vojvodina

Sparta Class Frigates

VNS Dmitri

VNS Kronprinz

VNS Irkutsk

VNS Imperator

VNS Stalingrad

Imperial Class Submarine

VNS Vodka*

VNS Angelus

VNS Novaya Zemlya*

VNS Martini

VNS Bourbon(bought from the Western Republic)*

*Currently being refitted in Novaya Zemlya, and will be out of commission

Anti-Ship Missiles

V-01A Mudkip (Based on Exocet, Submarine Launched)

V-01B Katerina (Based on Exocet, Ship Launched)

V-01C Kharkov (Based on Exocet, Fighter Launched)

V-99A Crab (Based on the BrahMos, Submarine Launched)

V-99B Dolphin (Based on the BrahMos, Ship Launched)

V-99C Scorpion (Based on the BrahMos, Land launched)

V-16.5 Hammer (Based on the Harpoon, Ship Launched)*

*Under test phase


Vaule Chemical Warfare Division:

***Highly Classified***

Active Stockpiles:

-White Phosphorus

-Sarin gas*

-Depleted Uranium

*Stockpiles ordered destroyed by Presidential order #1827. Destruction Halted

***End of Classified part***

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