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[CNRPS]The Enlightened Society of Meccakhan


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The people of Mecca knew of two things: God, and Mecca. The two of them were eternal: God always was, God always is, and God always will be, and Mecca was right up there with him.

No one knows why Mecca was established, so the men and women of Mecca sat and thought about it. They sat and thought for a very long time. Soon thinking became a principle part of Meccan society. People began trying to answer life's great questions: why are we here, why do we do the things we do, who made us, were we made by someone, why are we predisposed towards government, how should we treat our neighbors, to name a few. Philosophy became the people of Mecca's primary focus. A life devoted to the answering of the Great Questions was considered the noblest form of service. Many schools of thought existed in the city, which ultimately led to competition and the rise of a political system.

It was only natural for the conflicting schools of thoughts to come to blows. It was a swift and brutal conflict which many believe erupted solely because of difference. It was called "The Conflict," and it solved nothing. It was only after The Conflict that the people of Mecca saw that differences inspire violent tendencies, which begets more violence. The people of Mecca sought to control the human tendency of violence, devoting themselves to a pacifistic lifestyle. The practice of violence, however, did not die from society. There were still lesser conflicts and the sale of arms was an extremely profitable business through the ages. In the end, the philosophers of the nation viewed violence as "humanistic in nature but spiritually evil. Violence can only be justified as a last resort and for a righteous cause." The "righteous cause" varies between different schools of thought.

One of the things violence led to was the realization for the need of government. A political system was established around the principles of the accepted religion of the land, and all was good until the Meccans started branching out from Mecca. Soon it became apparent that the government needed to be big enough to keep all of the Meccans under Meccan law. The first ruler of Mecca, Kianoush Asgar, was democratically elected from amongst the philosophers in order to serve as leader for life. They proclaimed that the ruler selected by the people had the right from God to rule as he chose according to religious law, and Kianoush was made king. He is ruling to this day.

With the advancement of people outside of Mecca's borders, the country established itself as the Enlightened Society of Meccakhan. A new sense of nationalism has swept the land as people, content with their own internal building, rush out into the world to see what is there. They ask themselves if they're alone, and they wonder what exciting new things God has awaiting them outside their realm of comfort.


The Enlightened Society of Meccakhan

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