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Duckroll'd Remembrance


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I'd rather not remember. Those days are long gone where we fear every waking shadow thinking we are going to get rolled for no reason at all.

And this certainly didn't need a remembrance thread.

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Yeah, it was funny... but it wasn't that important for it to hold a 'remembrance' >_> You just want people to know that you are back, Ejayrazz.

Also welcome back to the Cyberverse. ;)

Lol, I would have made a thread if I really felt the need to. No one knows me.

MK, I love you, even then, even now.

Just some of the old timers were talking about it, I decided to post it. But, thanks for the welcoming.

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It was especially funny when some months later they really did get into a gun fight with tC, got chewed up and forced to pay reps. I'm still laughing at how funny that was. :rolleyes:

The incident in and of itself was a "Punk'd" classic, but in light of what followed, not so much.

EDIT: grammar is our friend

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