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Establishment of the Magentian Foreign Plaza

New Frontier

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His Excellency, Lord Ammon, son of Ammon, sat down at his desk to write an open letter to the foreign leaders of the world. After a long day of arguing with his Counts, Ammon was glad to have a bit of peace from the constant squabbling involved when dealing with the Magentian nobility.

I, Lord Ammon, son of Ammon, am writing this document as a message to all nations throughout the world. As ruler of a newly confederated country, I do hereby request a chance to meet with representatives of as many foreign powers as possible.

We here in Petra, the capital city of the Realm of Magenta, will welcome all leaders of any foreign state in the hopes of establishing foreign relations with all and maintaining a good standing in the world at large.

If you cannot personally manage to meet us here, then we would be more than happy to host a diplomat or other representative from your government. You may rest assured that the Royal Army of the Realm will be prepared to defend your representatives to the death, so they will have little to fear in regards to the current state of uncertainty in the world at large.


His Excellency,

Lord Ammon, son of Ammon

The Realm of Magenta

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Confucianism would be honored to send a Diplomat your way. Ordinarily, our leader would come personally, but obviously events in our sectin of the world prevent that. He will be arriving aboard Sky Three, our diplomatic plane we give to our select diplomats, since we send out so few. It is a 737 painted in the traditional colors of Confucianism, and will contain our delegation.

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The Captain received a message over the radio

"Sky Three, this is Magenta Control. You are cleared to land at Runway 01."

"Copy, Magenta Control. We are lowering our landing gear now."

Shortly afterwards, the plane touched down and went up the tarmac. Diplomat Allen Ni'ako stepped off the plane, accompanied by Senior Consultant Pete Williams, Press Correspondent Gene Nager, Commercial Attache Itachi Hiiro, Military Analyst Roe Corey, and Intelligence Analyst Fred Holmes. Each carried their own briefcase, and walked briskly down the steps leading from the aircraft.

Allen quickly stepped forward to greet the Captain. "Hello, Captain, and thank you for your security in these troubled times."

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Captain Vermette and his men led the Confucianist (OOC: Confucian? Confucianist?) delegation across the tarmac to the Foreign Plaza, where they were met by His Excellency, Lord Ammon, son of Ammon. The Lord's bodyguards nodded to the security team, who replied in kind before returning back onto the strip to await the arrival of the next delegation.

"Welcome to the Realm, friend," Ammon said, shaking hands with the Diplomat. "I invite you to meet with me in the Conference Room to discuss the future of relations between Confucianism and Magenta."

In the Conference Room, Ammon had already assembled Sir Ollisar, Count of Libra, Sir Octavious, Baron of Jehania and the Realm's highest ranking diplomat, and several other members of the Realm's diplomatic, military and commercial officials.

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OOC: Doesn't matter, it's used interchangeably. You can use either Confucian or Confucianist.

IC: "We would be greatly honored to discuss our relations, your Excellency," Allen replied, as the delegation took their seats around the table. He glanced at the other delegates, who looked back at him in agreement before he continued. "We've been instructed by our government to open up a mutual trade between our nations, as well as a general non-aggression pact. Since we are mainly a peaceful nation, part of the Australasian Sphere, we believe that there is much we can learn from one another. It is our fervent hope to create a blossoming friendship between our two nations, that will continue into the far future."

Gene Nager picked up where Allen left off. "We would also be very interested in opening up a Press Office here in your nation as well. We don't have a News Desk in Europe, and in exchange we would grant you a Press Office back in Confucianism, next to the Capital Buildings."

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Sir Ollisar was the first to speak. "As a nation in the northernmost regions of Africa, I imagine we would be an ideal choice as a base from which to broadcast news to the rest of AFrica and Europe. We would be more than willing to make such an arrangement with your nation."

His Excellency, Lord Ammon, son of Ammon, glared across the table at the Count. It was not his place to bind the Realm into any agreement, regardless of the fact that Ammon was more than willing to make this agreement with the Confucian delegation.

"Yes, we would love to sign a treaty involving the creation of New Officies in each others territory. My military strategists and I have also been discussing the possiblity of being allowed to place some of our leaders in a safe house within Confucian territory should the European conflicts become out of hand. Would you be open to such a concept?"

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Allen spoke across the table. "I would have to consult our leadership on this first, but I doubt that would be a problem. Our island would most likely be honored to accept esteemed leaders from your nation! You would be more than safe on our islands if you were ever attacked."

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"Indeed we do not, for now, your Excellency. Allow me to contact my government to confirm your request."

Allen picked up a cell phone in his pocket, and dialed the Capital Building in Confucianism. He put the phone on speaker on the middle of the table. On the other end, Foreign Minister Hofer Gaerip answered.

"Hello, Allen. I trust that your meeting is going well in Magenta. What do you need to request on our end?"

"Minister Gaerip, the Magenta delegation, led by His Excellency Lord Ammon, are currently listening with us to this conversation. They wish to know if they can establish a safe house in Confucianism. They have also agreed to our other requests."

There was a slight pause on the other hand, and some rapid converation. Minister Gaerip's voice came back on. "Your Excellency, we would be honored to host a Safe House for you. It would be ou-"

The voice suddenly cut off as a door boomed open in the background, and the sounds of Secret Service members pouring into the room. Multiple helicopters could be heard in the background, landing in Capital Square. Since they were shouting, the conversation was heard over the phone.

"Minister, we need to evacuate NOW! A nuclear detonation has just been detected over Helsinski! We need to evacuate you for your own safety! Come with us now!"

The phone then Z-lined and went silent, with the sound of static. Allen stared at the phone. "Well, you heard them. You have permission for a safe house. In case of a nuclear detonation near an embassy, we are automatically re-called for our protection. If you wish, your government can accompany us on Sky Three back to Confucianism."

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