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Rise of Magenta

New Frontier

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In the Northwest of Africa, a new sovereignty has begun to emerge. Under the leadership of his Excellency, Lord Ammon, the four Magentian counties have united to form one nation.


His Excellency, Lord Ammon, son of Ammon, sat contemplatively upon his throne, staring out the grand bay window of his palace and watching the peasants of his city as they made their way from building to building, scurrying through the streets as if nothing had changed in the past weeks. However, something certainly had changed. Where a month ago there were only four skirmishing counties, each with their own small militarys, small economies and large ambitions, you could now find a singe Realm.

Certainly the various nobles of each county still felt a need to bicker with one another over resources or the Lord's favour, but thankfully Ammon's ascent to the throne had marked an end to the bloodshed of Magentian people at the hands of their own brothers.

Yes, it truly was a good day to be alive, and a good day to be Magentian.

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