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I've personally known Holloweyes since my days at LIH. Aside from being the first person to offer me a hand up after GW IV, he took 5 nukes for Rok back in GW V. So when an opportunity came available to treaty with the 57th Overlanders, his new alliance, I felt a special obligation to help out a long time friend with a treaty that bonds our alliances.

As for the rest of the bunch, they are survivors and when they give their word they mean it, much as STA and FCO, two other alliances I greatly admire on Planet Bob. I'll reserve comment on their treaty writing skills...helps to be a fan of "Firefly". ;)

So it is with great pleasure I announce this PIAT:




57th Overlanders



The tl;dr is right here

Ragnarok (Rok) and the 57th Overlanders (the 57th), two sovereign alliances of Planet Bob also know as Digiterra, do hereby announce the furthering of their friendship in the form of this treaty of Peace, Intelligence & Aid (PIAT).

Introduction and Purpose:

Why anybody is reading this gorram thing anyways.

All parties involved in this treaty are to remain sovereign and will not be governed by the other party. This treaty is to show the growing friendship and good relations between these parties.

Breaches of this treaty shall have no material consequences but shall however been seen as a breach of friendship and togetherness of these two alliances.

Article I - Peace

Everything is shiny.

Both alliances agree not to attack, or commit any actions of espionage on the other party. Such actions are regarded as a breach of treaty.

1. The sovereign Alliances of the 57th and Rok will display a general respect for each and every member of the other signatory alliance, in public and in private, as a gesture of goodwill and perpetual friendship.

2. The respective member nations of the two signatories will provide constructive debate to one another in public forums while refraining from flaming and/or flame-baiting any statement of the partnered signatory alliance.

3. The respective member nations of the 57th and Rok will not participate in any act of aggression, including using spies, against any member nation of the other signatory alliance. Such act may lead to cancellation of this pact outlined in Article IV.

4. Both signatory alliances agree, in the event a member nation of either signatory alliance be declared war upon by a member of the other signatory alliance, the nation attacking shall be subject to the following:

4a. The member nation attacking shall immediately offer peace to the nation being attacked. Refusal to do so will result in immediate military response from either or both signatories.

4b. The member nation attacking will be responsible for all reparations to be paid for damages accrued. Refusal to do so will result in immediate discipline from their alliance.

4c. The member nation attacking will be subject to criminal sentencing by the leadership of their own signatory alliance.

Article II - Intelligence

I figured that part out myself.

Both parties shall agree to share any information of worth to both. It is agreed that this information shall not be falsified, or changed in any way that benefits any party, signed or not. Such falsifications shall be regarded as a breach of treaty.

Article III - Aid

Can I borrow a cup of sugar?

The signatories of this document may request aid from the other party, be it financial, diplomatic, or otherwise. All such requests must be within the limits of reality, and not without reason.

Any requests for aid should be formal and made to the other party's government or via the official alliance forum. Requests may be rejected, though the relevant party must have a valid reason for doing so and any aid requests made under false pretenses shall be viewed as a breach of this treaty.

Article IV - Cancellation

Well, that went well.

To cancel this treaty at any time, one party must notify the government of the other party. Following notification, a 48-hour grace period shall begin, during which neither party may breach any of the above listed terms.

Should the cancellation of this treaty come about due to a breach of the terms contained within, the grace period may not apply.

Signed for the 57th Overlanders:

Mechanus - Captain

Veneke - Lieutenant

HollowEyes - Quartermaster

Signed for Ragnarok:

ChairmanHal - Triumvir

rishnokof - Triumvir

TailsK - Triumvir

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A tall man of average build mingles amongst the crowd as Chairman Hal commences his speech. Upon completion, he approaches Hal and shakes his hand while leaning in and speaking a few words. With a smile the man leans back, produces a bottle of a murky liquid from within the folds of his coat, and proceeds to walk towards the bar in the back of the hall with Chairman Hal.

I am happy to see this come to fruition. Here is to the start of a long and prosperous friendship.

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A short, bearded man stares blankly through bleary, red-rimmed eyes at the commotion happening throughout the bar. There were a rather uncomfortably large number of faces that he knew, or thought he knew, surrounding him, or generally tipping their hats in his direction. A somewhat disturbing turn of events, all things considered. Mulling over his options, it occurred to him that there were two choices at this juncture: Find out what all the fuss was about, and how he was involved... or order another brew. Being a man of the 57th, it was not long before he had picked the right and proper course of action, and called out loudly for a round of drinks to be delivered to his table.

Somebody sat down beside him, and seemed to be convinced that he had to do something, and quickly... This was a rather worrying development, not least because he had no idea who this bloke was, but more that there was a freshly pulled pint sitting right in front of him that quite simply couldn't be left go to waste.

Figuring that this should probably be done quickly, and safely, so he could get back to his drink, he grinned briefly and stood,




o/ Archer of Rok for prodding me to hail this.

*Veneke chuckles

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HollowEyes shuffles into the bar muttering under his breath about the thoroughness of Haleenstar security forces. He walks first by Mechanus and salutes his Captain, then past Veneke and salutes to the back of his Lieutenant's head, which happened to be lying on his arms beside a small army of empty steins. He makes his way to the Ragnarok Triumvir, salutes and extends a hand.

"Good to see you again, Sir. Your security forces are good as always...thought one of them was gonna ask for a date when he was through. Ya gotta get some ladies about. Think about it mate, women in uniforms, with guns, what's not to like? Anyways, glad to make this official. Looking forward to getting reacquainted and having both of our crews working well together."

waves at the bartender

"Hey lad, round of rum for....well, any gorram person who wants one! Drink up!"

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