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Battle of Cartwheel Fort in Diberia...


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OOC: True, I don't have the tanks or air planes to RP that many, however, I am not fighting against another RPer, and those tanks and air planes aren't going to be there for long. I prefer no one to interfere with my RPing until close to the end.


9:00 AM:

The GLS military force had barely completed their mission, rescue the Heskan soldiers. However, their entire rescue force, 1/4 of the GLS military, was slaughtered by the zombies despite the air strikes. Now, the tide of the Diberia anti-zombie warfare have turned. The zombies pushed the GLS military all the way back to their main fort, Cartwheel Fort on the northeastern part of Diberia' shores. If Cartwheel Fort falls, then the GLS military will be looking forward to be turned into lunch for the zombies, or turned into zombies. The nation of GLS locked itself down due to a deadly flu epidemic, cutting off the anti-zombie GLS military's reinforcements and supply lines. They could not radio for help since the Boom town military was also busy dealing with the zombies. They lacked the amount of jet plane fuel needed to fly a jet plane to search for help.

They only had about 48 hours to prepare for a battle against over 1 million zombies with only 6,000 troops, 60 tanks, 20 B-1B Lancer jets, 60 helicopters, 120 armed Humvee vehicles, and other military vehicles. Their only escape route, the ocean, was blocked off by a raging storm that is predicted to go on for 4-5 days.

How did they discover that over 1 million zombies were going to storm them? Their scouts and the rescue team (before they were turned into dinner for the zombies or turned into zombies) reported giant mobs of zombies running toward Cartwheel Fort.

No reinforcements, no resupplying, no help, no escape, no cure, no hope...

No problem...

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General Fran and his commanders studied the map of the fort. There were artillery guns all over in the fort and in the defense walls, heavy machine guns nested in the defense walls, and giant napalm throwers. Two rows of electric fence, located 6 km away, were installed to slow down the zombies. Land mines filled with napalm and pressurized oxygen covered all over the place outside of the fort. If the zombies planned on attempting to storm the fort, they would have to avoid being blasted by long range artillery fires and air strikes, climb over the high voltage electric fences, avoid being hit by the artillery fires, run through the napalm land mines, avoid being hit by napalm throwers, short range artillery guns, and heavy machine guns, and then somehow smash through the 5 meter thick walls.

"Sir, do you think the zombies know how to swim?" asked a commander. "I doubt it, they would have to swim through 3 meter of water to avoid our defense, and I don't think they know how to swim." replied General Fran in the meeting.

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9:00 AM, February 12th

The defense walls were still being upgraded. The commanders decided to rig the walls with electric charged wires just to fry the zombies to keep them from getting close to the walls. Plus, giant flame throwers were added into the walls. However, they had only 24 hours...


"You hear that noise Bob?" asked Francis the GLS soldiers. "Yeah, sounds like someone is trying to get onto the deck from the water." replied Bob. They turned around, and saw two zombies climbing onto the dock. "Oh crap! Kill them! Kill them!" screamed Francis as both of the patrols fired at the zombies.


General Fran was staring out the window. He was deeply worried if they can hold off nearly a million zombies for 4-5 days. He then picked up his phone when it ranged. "Yes?" asked the general. "Sir, we have a problem. Our base patrols have noticed two zombies attempting to climb onto the dock. Lucky, the zombies were killed, but other patrols never spotted anyone swimming into the harbor." General Fran was stunned, the zombies could walk underwater. "Um, I will get back to you later." replied Fran as he hung up.

He then called again later, and said, "Tell the soldiers that they need to build underwater fences. The zombies can actually walk underwater."

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