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Muscovite Snow Beasts

Cody Seb

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OOC: I figured I'd try my hand at this, since it's getting a lot of attention.


In the cold and bitter north, a war had just come to an end, as had an inferior species. The war had raged on for countless years between two very different species, the Proto-Humans of the Volga, and the Zhver of the North.


Through a long and tempestuous age, the two warred, but the Zhver were too strong and would eventually prevail. Their barbaric language would be spread across the former lands of the Volga Proto-Humans, who were now extinct, and they colonized the now empty lands.


The Zhver quickly advanced, gaining technological knowledge from the ruins of Volga civilization and reverse engineering it or combining it with their own. What they built was glorious and terrifying.

Their weapons wer simplistic, but effective.





Belying their brutal nature, every Zhver warrior carries a melee sword at his side for close combat should it be required.


OOC: Stats

Height of Average Adult: 8' average

7'-10' range

Hair Color: White during the snowy months, Brown in the Summer.

Eye color: Yellow

Distinctions: Razor-sharp teeth and claws, Curved horns

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