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Announcement from Capax Legio


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Official Statement


Capax Legio

Sapientia est Vox!

Capax. Capax is latin for Capable. Capable is what we are. We are not dominant, we are not best, and we are not superior. We are capable to do anything we put our minds to. Legio. Legio is latin for Legion. A Legion is what we are. We are organized, we are unified, and we are defiant to all those who threaten our values and our security. We are Capax Legio.

Capax Legio is the remnants and the reform of the former International Defense Coalition. Chaosplayer4 and myself, the last remaining trium, decided we needed a fresh face, a new start, to prove ourselves to the world and to show what we and our members can and will do. Thus, we created Capax Legio.

It is with the greatest pleasure that I come to you, Planet Bob, and announce the existence of Capax Legio. Our gates are open and our hearts are kind, all are welcome. You can find us at: http://capaxlegio.forumotion.net and our IRC is #Capax on irc.coldfront.net.

On behalf of the government and members of Capax Legio, I present to you the Charter of Capax Legio.

Charter of Capax Legio


Capax Legio shall serve as a home to all nations who swear their allegience, and who promise to serve in the principles of peace, justice, and prosperity. Capax Legio will abide by this Charter in all dealings and under all circumstances.

Article I: Admission

A. All members of Capax Legio agree and swear the oath to Capax Legio upon membership.

B. All members must follow and live by the charter.

C. Any members wishing to vacate Capax Legio must resign correctly and appropriately by messaging an Imperator or may face penalty.

D. All members must apply correctly before being granted permission into Capax Legio.

E. All members must remain in Capax Legio after being accepted for at least 3 days.

Oath to Capax Legio

I, <Ruler Name> of <Nation Name>, do hereby agree to uphold the principles, and live by the instructions of the charter of Capax Legio, do swear my loyalty, respect, time and dedication to the alliance and shall fight to the end to protect and to serve my allegiance to Capax Legio.

Signed, <Ruler Name>

Application Format to Join Capax Legio

1. Change your AA to ‘Capax Legio Applicant’

2. Switch your Nations Sphere Colour to Blue (exceptions may be made)

3. Fill in and post the application following instructions on the forums in the appropriate place.

Article II: Membership

Every member of Capax Legio has equal rights. That means all are to be treated equally and with dignity. Members are expected not to speak for themselves, but for Capax Legio, and to be mindful of what is said at all times. All members must understand the rules of the forums and treat each other with respect.

All members are expected to report for any duty that is required of them. Those who do not may be punished as deemed fit by the Caesars unless a fitting reason is given.


Any member wishing to resign their membership from Capax Legio must message a Caesar. Once you have done that, your member mask will be removed and you will be free to go where you wish.

If a Capax Legio member wishes to leave the alliance and has received aid from the alliance in anyway will be expected to return it back to whom it was received from if the Caesars wish it or a reasonable excuse is given for leaving Capax Legio.

Article III: Government Structure

The Caesars

There are 2 Caesars in Capax Legio. The Caesars hold absolute power, and have the final say in all matters concerning the alliance.


Imperator of Foreign Affairs: The Imperator of Foreign Affairs is in charge of creating and maintaining a system in wich Capax Legio can communicate with other alliances.

Imperator of War: The Imperator of War is in charge of Capax Legio's military, he is to ensure that the Legions are organized, and that all members are ready to fight at any time.

Imperator of Internal Affairs: The Imperator of Internal Affairs is in charge of promoting and maintaining internal communication, and activity.

Imperator of Finance: The Imperator of Finance is in charge of all aid programs of Capax Legio, he is also to promote growth, and help members with building their economy.

Article IV: War

Capax Legio is an alliance that does not take war lightly. If a member of Capax Legio is attacked, said person may respond via conventional warfare and based on whatever he/she feels necessary to keep their Nation safe although clearing everything with the Imperator of War or a Caesar before hand. If the member cannot defend itself, the Imperator of War will organize a rogue response.

In case of a war on an alliance scale the alliance reserves the right to use all its members at it's discretion. Those who leave during war time will have their mask changed to dishonorable Discharge.

Article V: Raiding

Members of Capax Legio may only raid a nation if said nation is unaligned, not on the red team and the raiding nation has permission from either the Imperator of War or a Caesar. If a member attacks without permission, he/she will be punished as the Caesars see fit.

Article VI: Nuclear Policy

Members of Capax Legio may only use nuclear weapons in the case they are nuked by another nation first. If a member uses a nuclear weapon aggressively, without permission of the Imperator of War which has been passed by a Caesar, he will be punished as the Imperators see fit.

Article VII: Amendments

Amendments to the charter may be made by the 2 Caesars at any time given.

We the undersigned on this 14 day of February, 2009

Veniciana, Caesar of Capax Legio

Chaosplayer4 Caesar of Capax Legio

Here is the current government of Capax Legio:

Ven(iciana), Caesar

Chaosplayer4, Caesar

KingSVH, Imperator of Foreign Affairs

Schmitty, Imperator of War

Eveready, Imperator of Internal Affairs

Justlooking, Imperator of Finance

Secondly, It is with esteemed pleasure that I get to announce our marriage to the North Atlantic Defense Coalition, aka "The Ven & Tank Get Married Treaty"

The Capax Legio-NADC Love Affair/Wedding


The North Atlantic Defense Coalition and Capax Legio hereby commit to uphold the following principles of nonaggression, respect, and defense outlined in this Mutual Defense and Optional Agression Pact.


This treaty is signed in good faith, and is based upon the noble ideals of friendship, cooperation, and protection common to all of us. It is signed not only in the pursuit of peace, which many times becomes stagnant, but in the hopes that both signatory alliances will work together to actively pursue a better future by guaranteeing their security. In the signing of this treaty, it must be clear that both organizations and their members will remain sovereign.


The signatory alliances and their members will treat each other with as much respect and decency as they would their own members. Signatories will show tact and consideration when addressing any grievances, namely by making full use of proper diplomatic channels.


No member nation of either alliance will declare war on any member nation of the other, provide aid (be it military, money, technology, or knowledge) to enemies of the other, or commit acts of espionage against the other.

Mutual Defense

In the signing of this pact, both sides agree to defend and aid one another in times of war when requested by the other signatory alliance. Should either of the signatory alliances be attacked by another power, the other is required to come to to its assistance with its full strength and resources.

To request assistance in a time of war, the alliance which is in need must first send a request to the other signatory alliance. That alliance then has 48 hours, or two days, to fully prepare for the shift from peace to war for maximum war efficiency. The options of termination outlined in Article IV are still available even after assistance is requested and granted. If one alliance commits a warranted act of aggression and requests assistance from the other signatory alliance, that alliance is not required to grant the request. However, the other signatory is still highly encouraged to offer their assistance. Let it be known that this treaty provides all signatories with full legal justification to enter a conflict that concerns the other, if they so choose.


If either signatory alliance feels that this treaty has been unjustly violated and resulting diplomatic negotiations have not offered any sort of resolution, they have the right to withdraw from the treaty by the express will of their respective decision making bodies. Notification of withdrawal must be given to the other signatory within fourty-eight hours. Should this treaty be revoked by either alliance, a twenty-four hour grace period begins in which neither alliance may declare war on the other, after which no such rules apply.

Signed for the North Atlantic Defense Coalition

Ruggerdawg, Reverend & Secretary General

Barkeaters, Organ Player & Dep. Secretary General

Tankkiller, Bride & Internal Affairs Minister

Watchman, Maid of Honour & Foreign Affairs Minister

Lord Damien, Flower Girl & Dep. Foreign Affairs Minister

Thor Gold, Bartender & Dep. Foreign Affairs Minister

Signed for Capax Legio

Ven, Groom & Caesar

Chaosplayer4, Best Man & Caesar

Schmitty, Ring Bearer & Imperator of War

KingSVH, Wedding Planner & Imperator of Foreign Affairs

Eveready, Wedding Singer & Imperator of Internal Affairs

Justlooking, Limo Driver & Imperator of Finance

Finally, It is with great pleasure that I get to announce that the Fine alliances of Agora have admitted us into their ranks. We are proud to stand by them in the future, and help bring blue unity one step closer to realization. Agora has been a great friend of Capax in our founding, and we are grateful for their friendship.

On behalf of Capax Legio and the alliances of Agora, I announce to you the updated Agora Accords.



I. Non-Aggression and Intelligence Cooperation

A. Signatories to this agreement agree not to enter into military action against one another.

B. Should a dispute arise between alliances or members of the alliances in this agreement, then these disputes will be resolved peacefully through private channels.

C. All parties will agree to cooperate on matters of espionage and not engage in espionage against any other signatory.

D. If information is obtained by one signatory that is damaging to the security of any other signatory they are obligated to share this information, unless explicitly obligated by treaty not to. However, information gained through this agreement cannot be shared with a non-signatory.

II. Economic Cooperation

A. Signatories agree to cooperate with each other in economic matters defined as trade deals, senate matters, and technology trading.

B. These deals will be worked out on a separate forum ran by representative of all signatories.

C. Trade deals on red sphere will be run by the New Pacific Order, trade deals on the blue sphere will be run by an office of appointees by a director of trades agreed upon by the governments of the blue signatories of the agreement.

D. The Senate seats of blue sphere will be held by members of this agreement chosen by the signatories and all blue signatory members will vote for this slate of candidates as such. The Red Sphere will be recognized as the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Pacific Order and all signatory members on red sphere will vote for their candidates as such.

E. The signatories of this agreement will have their top government given access to a section of the forum where they can request sanctions from the blue team senators mentioned in Part II Section D.

F. The previously mentioned forums will be used by all signatories to match buyers and sellers of technology. There will be both public technology forums for individual buyers, as well as private forums accessible by the leaders of each alliances financial departments to arrange for large scale purchases.

G. All technology agreements will be guaranteed honest by the signatories of this agreement. Fraudulent behavior be handled privately between representatives of each others governments.

III. Military Cooperation

A. Should any signatories find themselves in a defensive war, they may request political, economic, and military assistance from the other signatories.

B. This agreement highly encourages those other signatories to come to the defense of the attacked signatory.

C. Any signatory may request assistance in any sort of military matter with 48 hours notice, however that assistance is not mandatory.

IV. Suspension or Forceful Termination of Membership

A. Signatories to the party by unanimous consent may choose to suspend or expel a signatory from the treaty.

B. Should the signatory or member who is expelled/leave be a blue team senate holder, the remaining signatories must elect by 3/4 majority of blue alliances a new senator. If this senator is a member of an alliance who already holds a seat they must be unanimously approved by all signatories.

V. Modification of the Treaty

Any term of this treaty may be modified by unanimous consent of the representatives of all signatories. All signatories must approve new members.

VI. Leaving the Treaty

Any signatory of the treaty may terminate their membership and obligations by giving 72 hours notice to the other signatories.


For The New Pacific Order


Emperor Revenge

Divine Bovine Overlord

New Pacific Order

Moo-cows with guns

Moo-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' to $%&@ With

Imperator Emeritus Dilber

The Pantless Thunderbolt

Standartenführer of the Order

Triyun, Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs

For The Multi-Colored Cross-X Alliance


Sam, Co-Chancellor of MCXA

Ololiqui, Co-Chancellor of MCXA

Doctor Fresh, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Celt, On Behalf of the High Council

For The North Atlantic Defense Coalition



Secretary General

Bosox Nation

Deputy Secretary General


Foreign Affairs Minister


Military Operations Commander


Finance Minister

For Echelon


AllYourBase - Director

Cozmo - Director

El Hefe - Director

Caffine - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Big Jimboi - Congressman

Comrade Fell - Congressman

MadManJaMeS - Congressman

RossGarner - Congressman

suffusion - Congressman

For The Foreign Division


Speaker Lusitan

Senator Tamurin

Senator The Parasite

Senator Connor Grey

Senator Phil

Minister of Foreign Affairs Herbert

For League of Small Super Powers


Drugsup - Princeps

Jaaku- Consul

For United Blue Directorate


Lyons - Director General

Russell07 - Director of Membership

mdnss69 - Director of Foreign Affairs

GrimCity - Director of Internal Affairs

Slybomber - Director of Communication

For Capax Legio


Ven - Caesar

Chaosplayer4 - Caesar

Edited by Veniciana
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Congratulations and Good Luck!!!!!

A few legal things:

NADC - this treaty represents a transfer of IDC's old MDP over to Capax. NADC sees Capax as a name and charter change as far as diplomacy goes. All diplomatic obligations transfer. So, the rule still applies - don't mess with Capax.

Agora - Agora has voted to transfer signatory rights to Capax that once belonged to IDC.

Wait... I'm the maid of honor?

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Nice!!! Congrats for picking out awesome buddies with NADC (who's wearing the trousers here Watchman? :P) and for joining Agora. Great to have you along with us :D

I will point out that I was a very masculine maid of honor at the ceremony. I ever belched and talked about hockey.

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You have a good recruitment message.

Congrats on the formation, refusal to applaud you for supporting the destruction of blue unity etc

Edited by Penlugue Solaris
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