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The Enclave: A new Alliance, A new choice

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The Enclave: A new Choice


(warning small wall of text)

Greetings, Planet Bob.

I'm President John Henry Eden, Founder and head of a fresh new alliance on CN:TE called The Enclave. Now i know you've most likely heared all this before we're not like any other alliance we promise you this promise you that we're going to do this going to do that blah blah blah. Talk is cheap and empty promises are worse because when it comes down to it their are just trying to tell you how to run your nation telling you not to do this not to do that don't get in a war with this preson or that person with out. First asking if its okay those are other boring alliances that have forgotten, forgotten how to play a war game they make pacts and deals with another alliances so it makes it harder. For you the leaders of nations to wage war well at The Enclave it is Diffrent we make it easyer for you we allow you to attack who you want when you want we allow you to run you nation how you wish. Now your sitting there wondering whats the catch whats the price for this freedom? you'll be suprised to know the price you pay is......nothing at the Enclave we can't offer you start up Aid. But what we can offer you is back up someone to go to when your in trouble someone to go to if you need help waging a war what we offer is comradeship

There is no rules at the Enclave no charter no ties to any. Alliance you wouldn't even have me ordering you what target to hit hell we don't even have a Forum nope if you join us today all we can offer is help and comrade ship and of course freedom to do as you wish. Even if its tech raiding so in closing come and join the Enclave set your AA to The Enclave where we give you the nation leader back control of your nation and the freedom to do what you've always wanted to do what ever it is. This is John Henry Eden saying Fairwell

John Henry Eden

President, The Enclave

Edited by President John Henry Eden
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Yeah its a bit late in the round i know but if i get interest this round. I'll carry it on to the next if it doesn't work i'll join a alliance in the next round nothing ventured nothing gained right?

And thanks for the offer Defenders but no thanks i'll stick with my Alliance

Edited by President John Henry Eden
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