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Sellers! Your Chance For Ultimate Growth


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Hello sellers in the Cyber Verse,

if you would like to have great growth from different tech initiatives and programs, then fill the following form and post it in this topic. There will be many many initiatives and all are reliable. It will mainly be about 3x3 deals in which we will also guide you to having more more profitable ones.

Don't miss your chance and fill the following form:

Nation Name:

Ruler Name:

Link to Nation:



Deals interested in mostly:

Any wars? " If your alliance is at war too please state "

Thank you,


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got it :D

You have received an error trying to view a page. Here is the detailed error code: You've had a pretty busy day in Cyber Nations today and we would like to preserve processing power for all users to participate in the game equally. Please come back after the midnight server update to continue on with the game. To avoid this message in the future please try to limit your activity in the game to standard gameplay actions. (ie. non-statistic gathering activities)

can't log in for the rest of the day.

yup, one of the 3 buyers will send me 3mil. I then buy 50tech to send to 1 of the 3 buyers, then buy another 50 to send to another buyer. You will let me know which 2 buyer to send to right?

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watta hell... That's weird...

I re-scheduled your deal for today. Don't worry though.. I'll let them know its delayed for tommorow.

I thought you said 10 march? but it's good as well. Get money faster :) I viewed the site 1500 times and this is what happen....zzzz

Will msg you in game in about 8-9hours time

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