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Pioneer Island


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Pioneer Island, part of the Crimean Northern Territories, has further shut down ties with Rostovi Corner and the Crimean government by shutting down Pioneer Port in the south of the island. The Pioneer government has claimed that the recent actions by the Crimean military toward Outer Mongolia as well as the recent appointing of Konnor David Saucedo as the Heir of the Crimean Thrown (HCT) are "big mistakes and could destroy Crimea Iso."

Sectoral Governor Alexander Moore has announced that until changes are made by Rostovi Corner, the port will "remain closed to all traffic."


Map of the Northern Territories (Pioneer Island highlighted).

The 1st Amphibious Marines Division is in the process of deploying troops to Pioneer Island, if needed, to keep the port open to traffic (mostly vital fishing traffic).

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Crimean AAVP7s prepare for a landing on Pioneer Island.

750 troops (loaded in AAVP7s and MH-53s) are preparing for a landing on Pioneer Island's Pioneer Port and the local area and beaches to secure the port. Supplies are being transported to October Revolution Island by transport helicopters.


MH-53s en route to October Revolution Island from Begichev.


Crimean marines prepare to land on Pioneer Island.

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