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Valentines Day, time for love and romance....


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Well, Valentines Day.

The day for expressing love, romance and for some, spending a ton of money on candy, flowers and dinner, all the while hoping to get "lucky"! Good Luck!

And this is no different in the GPA, but we send Green roses and not Red roses!

Valentines Day is also important to the GPA for another reason.....

It is our anniversary! We are three years old today.

While I do not know how many green cookies have been consumed over the last three years or how many flowers have been picked or how much other "green stuff" has been, um, imbibed, I do know this. It has been a roller coaster.

Over the last three years the GPA has been a fixture on Planet Bob. In the early days, it was a hand full of players that tried to start a "different" kind of alliance. With leaders like Phil, Machi and Mary, the GPA started to be shaped and formed. In a short period of time, the values and principles started to be formulated and those values and principles are still the core of the GPA.

The GPA started to grow. Many members started to dissect and apply the understanding of the economic aspect of the game. In less then a year, the GPA, with Shay leading the charge, launched one of the first comprehensive Academy to train new members. Many tools and calculators were developed to help players learn and grow their nations.

But as I said, for anyone that knows the history of the GPA, it has been a roller coaster.

Two years ago this day, we had the Leadership Exodus that was driven by a member or two that were hell bent on changing the core values of the GPA. And the GPA survived.

A year ago this day, the shortcomings of a few GPA "leaders", in addition to a few other issues, helped to get the GPA into the Woodstock Massacre. This was undoubtedly the low point in our history. But in keeping with the spirit of the alliance, we fought proudly, negotiated terms honorably and met those terms completely, timely and without any disrespect. And the GPA survived.

And as a roller coaster goes, we are coming off of the down glide and are rising again. We have streamlined our laws and processes. We have tightened up our acceptance practices. We have opened up our forums to trades and tech dealing. We have increased our foreign relations network. We have tightened up our Membership Compliance efforts. And the GPA survives.

Now the next question is, "What will the GPA be saying on their fourth anniversary?". Well as can be seen in our long history, no one knows for sure. But this I can say for certain, our members are committed to our values and principles. Our leaders are committed to upholding all that we believe in. And together, we are all committed to being a part of the CN community.

Today we are having an anniversary celebration on our forum and on our IRC channel. On the behalf of all of our members, I invite you to come visit us and take part in the celebration. We look forward to seeing you and look forward to many more years on Planet Bob!

Our IRC channel is #GPA on Coldfront and our forum is http://forums.cn-gpa.com

Come one, come all!

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:blush: Awww. :wub: Pansy. :)

GPA, congratulations on achieving your third birthday. We've been through our ups and downs, but I'm sincere in my best wishes for you.

Thank you very much, Reyne. That means a lot to me. (Considering you were one of my first Tech buyers!)


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