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Confucianism begins building Defense Systems

Chancellor Bismarck

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Confucianism begins building Defense Systems

With this announcement, Confucianism will begin the construction of the following projects:

100 Patriot Missile Batteries

200 Surface-to-Air Missile Batteries

200 Surface-to-Surface Missile Batteries

SOSUS Sonar Grid extending 100 miles out from the coastlines of Confucianism and Maldives

50 Quick-Response Tomahawk Missile Silo's

50 Non-Nuclear MIRV Missile Silo's w/ 6 2,000-pound non-nuclear MIRVs in each ICBM Missile

Confucianism Emergency Energy Grid's and Emergency Backup Underground Power Generators

We expect this project to come along smoothly, as our construction agency is the best-growth industry in our nation, constantly tackling new tasks every day, and accomplishing them efficiently.

We expect that these simple defensive installations will allow our nation to even more effectively respond to an attack on our nation, or the threat of danger to our borders. We expect to continuosly upgrade these defenses, and continue adding on indefinetly after we reach our quota stated above.

Our SOSUS Sonar Grid, we hope, will allow us better control of our territorial waters instead of using our current grid of patrol planes, which is both inefficient and time-consuming.

Our Patriot Missile Batteries, Surface-to-Air Missile Batteries, and Surface-to-Surface Missile Batteries will be used to ward off anything from nukes to airplanes, Submarines to Carriers.

Our Quick-Response Tomahawk Missile Silo's each contain ten Tomahawk Cruise Missile's, to be used as a quick response mechanism against any attack on Confucianism property anywhere in the world.

Our new Non-Nuclear MIRV Missile Silo's allow us to respond to a missile attack or otherwise large-scale attack on our nation. Since we do not contain nuclear technology, we have chosen to use missiles that will cause extreme damage to enemy cities, with not quite the same effect, but still enough to cripple an enemy nation's economy and military.

Our new Emergency Grids with Underground Backup Power Generators will be underground wires connecting multiple backups throughout the country, that will backup key military installations in the case of a direct attack, be it nuclear or non-nuclear.

Using these multiple technologies, our nation will do our best to preserve the peace in our region.


Pacifism, President

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Confucianism has decided to replace the 2,000 pound MIRV's in the ICBM with the more destructive 15,000 pound version, a modified BU-82 suited into a MIRV component, and modified to be navigated with fins and the likes for a smart bomb. These will replace the 2,000 pound bombs, with 6 per ICBM.

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The construction workers from all of Confucianism's other construction hotspots, now completed, rushed over in a frenzy. Over 300,000 workers were all working on the same project, already near completion. Needless to say, the projects were finished very quickly, and we are now proud to say that our defenses are fully running.

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