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Awesome Consortium Ceases Peaceful Hostilities Against The Red-Orange Coalition

Mila Amo

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The Awesome Consortium and the Red-Orange Coalition have agreed to cease peaceful hostilities against each other. The conflict was started over a Canadian, and to protect the honor of the Canadian (because even the Canadian wouldn't do it), The Awesome Consortium sanctioned the Red-Orange Coalition. As hostilities continued to not grow, the Red-Orange Coalition proposed terms to the Awesome Consortium. After much negotiation and very little budging on the Awesome Consortium's part, these were the terms agreed upon.

  • The Red-Orange Coalition agrees to cease all attacks on the Canadian. Any such events where they repeatedly kick the Canadian from #AoC on multiple occassions, and they will immediately be met with a sanction.
  • The Red-Orange Coalition are only allowed multiple kicks of an individual in cases of serious offense against their Coalition, when there is a religious fanatic, or when the individual is a mutual pain in the $@! of the Awesome Consortium and the Red-Orange Coalition. Being Canadian nor Canadinology are not serious offenses.
  • The Red-Orange Coalition agrees with The Awesome Consortium that Omnisexuals are fair game.

Upon agreement of these terms, The Awesome Consortium...

  • Agrees to remove their sanction against the Red-Orange Coalition and return their ops in #AoC.
  • Continue to stay awesome.
  • Present the Red-Orange Coalition with this awesome black and white Pony of Peace named Mila Sarsipius Solomon Jackson the Third.


Enjoy this Token of My Extreme

Mila Amo

The Awesome Coalition

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I am pleased that the hostilities between our groups has been quashed. It has been the Red-Orange Coalition's primary mission to settle this without force. As much as I would've loved to give the order for 26 Marines, and all our CyberNation's Nations assets to come down with full force, I could not let such a one side slaughter happen to the "Awesome Consortium". I am glad that the "Awesome Consortium" came to their senses and realized they did not have the military capabilities to resist us.

While we are currently at peace with them, the Red-Orange Coalition is prepared to fight again for our rights, and liberties. The 'Awesome Consortium" handsomely rewarded us a Pony, and our Op's back on IRC, and we are happy for that.

Long Live the Red-Orange Coalition.


Sgt. Dugon, 3/5, United States Marine Corps, Orange Defense Network.

P.S. I finally got a pony!

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The Awesome Consortium would like to make it clear that winners don't beg. And I can safely say that only one side of this arrangement begged...

So enjoy feeling like you could've won, but you wouldn't be able to. That is the very definition of our awesome.

Also, we fed your pony beans worth 1000 crap loads.

-The Awesome Consortium

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As being quite possibly the major alliance with the largest percentage of Canadians in government, Invicta approves of steps taken to improve the Canadian lifestyle. :)

We have our SecGen, SecState, Senate Chair and a Senator from Canada. Go Canada!

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