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Cainette-Othello MDoAP

Stefano Palmieri

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The Mikeyville Accords

Article I:

The nations of Cainette and Othello sign this pact in hopes of forging a great relationship and powering forward in the harsh life of the modern world.

Article II:


The nations of Cainette and Othello are NEVER to engage in war against eachother as long as this pact remains alive.

Article III:


If one of these two nations is attacked, the other will IMMEDIATLY declare, and defend.

While in a defensive war, peace may only be declared if both nations agree to sign for peace.

If one of these nations declares war offensively, the other is strongly encouraged to join, but is not required.

Article IV:


This pact allowes open borders of all forms. (land, water, and air.)

Article V:


Each signatory must provide economic assistance to the other if it is ever required. All ports and harbours are open to all vessels whether it be during peace or war.

Article VI:


If either nation wishes to cancel this treaty they may with a 72 hour warning period.

If a nation is attacked during the cancellation period, they must still follow this contract.

Signed for Cainette :

Emporer Christopher, Emporer of Cainette

Signed for Othello:

Empress Gaga

May this be the start of a wonderful relationship!

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