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OMFG-Legion Announcment

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It is my pleasure to present you with the Legion Fighting Giants Pact, an MDP between the Legion and Ordinary Men Fighting Giants. After meeting through Poseidon and getting to know each other better, it is finally solidified in a treaty for our friendship.


Ave Legio

Legion Fighting Giants


The Legion and Ordinary Men Fighting Giants (from here on known as OMFG), based on long standing friendship and camaraderie, do hereby come together and affirm the feelings between each other. Also both love caek so that helps too.

Article I - Non-aggression:

The signed alliances shall maintain a strict policy of non-aggression towards one another; refraining from military aggression against one another, refraining from spying on one another, refraining from using diplomatic ends to bring harm to one another, or otherwise seeking to do the other harm.

Article II - Intelligence:

Should either party come into possession of information that suggests any of the activities prohibited by Article 1 are being engaged in by a third party, it is the obligation of that party to give that information to the other party quickly and completely.

Article III - Aid:

Should a signatory alliance come under attack or otherwise suffer a financial crisis, while not obligated, members of the other signatory alliance shall be encouraged to send financial or military aid. The alliance in need of aid may choose not to receive it if they wish.

Article IV - Defense:

Should one signatory alliance come under attack, it is the obligation of the other alliance to come to their aid militarily. Should the signatory engaged in military operations choose, they, may release the other alliance from any obligations carried by this article.

Article V - Diplomacy:

Any points of contention between the signatory alliances will attempted to be solved with diplomacy before any other action is taken. In public, discourse between the two signatory alliances shall remain respectful at all times.

Article VI - Termination:

Should the two sides be unable to resolve their differences diplomatically, this pact may be terminated by either party after giving 48 hours notice to the other.


Signed for the Legion:

King William IV, Minister of Foreign Affairs

totem, Minister of Defense

Lincongrad, Speaker of the House

The Arbiter, Minister of Economics

Xineoph, Minister of Internal Affairs


Signed for the OMFG:

Kill Joy, Chieftain

NeoAnderson, Vanguard Tribune

ClockworkOrange, Pathfinder Tribune

Jedaye DaGeordie, Tribal Edler


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