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You should offer 100 tech for $3 million, heres how it works.

1. You get sent $3m

2. You buy infra and money making improvements

3. You collect lots of money in taxes

4. 10 days later you purchase no more than 50 tech

5. Send the 50 tech to your financier

6. Keep collecting

7. 10 more days later buy 50 more tech

8. Send the 50 tech to your financier

Deal complete.

You should never have more than 50 tech if you are a tech seller and you have to come out of peace mode. Put the tech deals in your bio, it should offer extra protection from attack. If you get ripped off ask one of your other tech deal partners for advice. Just make sure you keep enough to buy the tech when you need to ship it, its been a while for me but I think 50 tech costs about $700k.

Good luck

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