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A Few Announcements from the Former Dragonisian State of IndoChina

comrade nikonov

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Chairman-Elect Kao Wei of the IndoChinese Francoist Party has been inaugurated as the 3rd Chairman of the Former Dragonisian State of IndoChina.

Below will be a excerpt from his inauguration speech:


Chairman Kao Wei

It is imperative, as the IndoChinese of this new era, to produce and comeuppance with reforms that will benefit IndoChina and the world for ages to come. Our country's defense remains deficient. Enemies around the world are many times our strength.

Chairman Kao Wei has promised reforms across the board, starting from the political sector:

quoting Vladmir's Proper Francoist Thought,

Internal Policy must always be based on security, as ... almost all Userites would see them fall to further their own power. To this end there must be no legislation that can be exploited ... A Francoist Pacific would quickly find a constitution to be a ball and chain around their neck... Not only will it be studied for use by the more refined Userites, but it will badly hamper any future reforms... They will find the same thing with complex laws, and so any state documentation must be both simple and flexible, with the emphasis being placed on law by precedent ... The fact that it is in the best interests of the Pacific vindicates the enforcement of law, rather than a quest for absolute and unchanging rule.

Kao Wei will push for a de-Useritation of IndoChina, and lead the Proletariat-Bourgeois class to victory. This class can be economically defined as the IndoChinese that earn less than $125,000 a year. To de-Userize IndoChina, crippling 50% taxes will be placed on those earning more than $200,000.

In the Foreign relations sector, we wish for greater relations with other Francoist nations, to learn the ways of our comrades and improve ourselves.

As a result we throw ourselves upon the world. We plead for the establishment of friendships and help. May the nation of IndoChina strive for the best, forever!

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