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Those pesky merchants next door


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Within 50 miles from those pesky Hagana, a merchant people known as the Eaterians live peacefully. They recently moved into the Tel Aviv area.


The first thing they had in mind was to settle down. They found the city abandoned and moved into many empty buildings.

Spots in red squares are Eaterians settlements and locations where they've settled in, and the red dashed area is the rough area of Eateria.


OOC: more will be up later, I will try to keep everything in this thread.

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The Eaterians have established themselves quickly. They have daily routines of going to the foodplace for food, worshipplace for worship, workplace for work and specialization, and their shelterplaces for family gatherings.

Very useful tools have been developed by Eaterians to enhance their lives and make it easier to expand. Two new settlements are being built and settled.

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