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[CNRPS] Storm Dragon Empire Internal Development

Maelstrom Vortex

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The Ohio River system and its tributaries were an absurd boon for Kentucky in terms of resources. The Storm Dragon Empire began to tap this as it expanded, an irrigation system was established and a complex network of waterworks was implemented, bringing water to most of the Empire. A levy system was also implemented to control some of the flooding. A few hydroelectric installations were placed to help generate power at select points including along the narrow segment of Mississippi the Empire now bordered. Agricultural installations expanded over vast swathes of land as timer was brought down to be used for structures.

In Eastern Kentucky, Natural Gas wells were going down between all the coal mines. Until a solid petroleum resource was discovered, it would have to do as the fundamental propulsion resource for aircraft. Until oil could be brought into the state, ethanol based bio-fuels would be the primary fuel for ground transit. The price of corn would soar to staggering heights in the Storm Dragon Empire. A fortification and entrenchment system along with a radar network had been completed among the Eastern Empire's mountain ridges to watch out for Rebel Virginia's possible attack. An underground natural-gas piping system was under construction from the Eastern Empire along the Mountain Parkway corridor towards Frankfort along with a side-access maintenance road.

The road system's implementation had been left to military planners, which were using a pattern similar to those implemented by Dwight D Eisenhower on real earth with segments of the road to be straight every so many miles to be used as ad-hoc air-bases/landing strips in the event of a major confrontation. Storm Dragon Empire weapons ownership laws were relaxing and the national government had sanctioned state sponsored militias. Word had it many private citizens were taking advantage of the opportunity to learn to defend themselves given the hostile nature the world was proving itself to be in.

The Empire had begun to favor the following weapon as their primary infantry tool:


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The Storm Dragons had realized an even better fuel was accessible to them than natural gas vast sections of their budget were put into tapping available sources of Petroleum within the state to use for a higher grade rocket fuel. Due to the fact the state didn't have excessive supplies, most transportation vehicles and non-combat military vehicles were kept operating on steam and natural gas combustion engines. The Emperor had the Geological survey department analyze available resources and present them to him so he can get an idea of what is at their disposal.


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