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Beginning of a Military State


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Armando Gallo walked down the hall, his goal were slowly being achieved, he had already fooled the people into choosing him as a leader, they had no idea what he planned. Armando reached the end of the hall and opened the door, he walked into the room and was met by his top generals.

"It has taken months for us to finally be free of the influences of the empire of Gebiv now we can enact the plan we have talked about all this time, how long until the preparations are complete"

One of the generals turned to him "we expect to be ready to enact the plan by the end of the week, all the forces are in place it is now simply a matter of getting them ready"

Armando smiled at the news "Excellent, that means I only have to put up with those annoying politicians for a little longer, they constantly complain and yet have no clue about how to fix the problems'

Another general turned to him "We know they will oppose us once we enact the plan, what should we do about them?"

Armando thought for a second before replying "Simple, hunt them down and kill them, we have 300,000 soldiers there is nowhere they can run on an island this small, once they are dead the people will fall in line"

Armando's phone rang "hello?"

"Sir, I know you are busy but we need to in the Capital"


Armando closed the phone and looked at the generals "if you will excuse me, another 'problem' just came up"

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Armando Gallo once again walked down the hall towards the room he had already had one meeting in, this would be the last before the war began, he entered and the Generals were once again ready.

"I hope you are all ready to begin because we strike tomorrow"

"yes sir, all forces are ready and waiting for the orders"

Armando smiled.

"Excellent, one more thing, we all know there will be a resistance movement but we have been stumped as to how to stop it before it becomes a real threat.

"Did you find a solution sir?"

"Yes, we shall make them believe that I was not involved in the war at all and that you were overthrowing me, it will turn me into a symbol and will surely draw them out, once we know where they all are we will strike"

"But sir, that will involve you putting your life on the line"

"I am well aware of that but after this there will be no problems with us holding Sicily"

Armando pointed at one of the Generals

"you will be the one who will be the acting president while I am gone, you will also have to start a war against the empire of Gebiv, one island is not nearly enough for our people"

"yes sir"

"I now leave you to work out the details"

Armando walked out of the room, he had not wanted to stay there long since it may be suspicious to people.

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