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Join the Shadow Confederacy

Sir Digbycc

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The Shadow Confederacy wants you!!!!!


The Shadow Confederacy formally The CIN , was founded on April 28th, 2008 by Emperor E.Grievous it is an active black sphere alliance. The Shadow Confederacy is dedicated to economic management and technology trade and always will be, it also believes that military is needed to protect its investments and members. The Shadow Confederacy considers the economic growth of each of its members to be of the highest priority, it values each and every member highly. The Shadow Confederacy will not hesitate to protect its investments and members with all military available and will do all in its power to end any conflict which arises to threaten the stability of The Shadow Confederacy

Why join?

Anyone looking for a new alliance should strongly consider us. Although we are a small alliance we can provide protection and financial aid just like anyone else but because we have fewer members any newcomer will get more opportunities and more one on one time with the council so they can have their views on political, military and financial matters heard. The alliance forums are frequently visited by high ranking members so any problems that arise are swiftly dealt with. Furthermore there is the added bonus of the MVMA, an award which grants 15 mil to the member who has proven them self worthy, if thats not a good reason to get involved i don't know what is!!!

If you're interested don't wait around, join today.

Our Wiki page

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