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Democratic Peoples Republic of Sicily


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Sicily hereby declares independence from the empire of Gebiv. We shall be renamed as 'Democratic Peoples Republic of Sicily', We have chosen Armando Gallo to lead the government in this great time for our nation. We have also begun the formation of our own military forces which shall be known as the 'Sicilian Armed Forces'.

(OOC: Short I know but I am not good with introductions)

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The Estovakian Imperium refuses to recognise this nation and if any of its people are ever encountered by our military forces they are to be shot on sight. Have a good day.

The Republic of Rebel Virginia is disgusted at how eager the Estovakian Imperium is to slaughter innocent civilians. Additionally, we recognize Sicily as a sovereign nation.

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They could potentially ask us to do something against you.

And we'd gladly do it, for the reasons Rebel Virginia mentioned.

That aside, we welcome the Democratic People's Republic of Sicily to the world.

"Yes you could attack us or something but then that would be an attack on RUSSIAN as well"

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Despite our dislike of Communism/Socialism, we recognize and welcome Sicily to the world.

(OOC: Jeff, if your nation isn't Communist/Socialist, please pardon me. :unsure:)

OOC: They aren't....yet I will be doing up a large announcement shortly that will turn me into something close enough

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Forces to be divided:

Soldiers: 300,000

Tanks: 1500

Aircraft: 50 squadrons (46 Su-30, 4 Tu-160)

Navy: 18 vessels

Nukes: 6


15 Divisions (subdivided to 4 brigades(2000 men) each) of 20,000 men and 100 tanks.

1st Division: Messina

2nd Division: Palermo

3rd Division: Trapani

4th Division: Agrigento

5th Division: Caltanissetta

6th Division: Enna

7th Division: Ragusa

8th Division: Siracusa

9th Division: Catania

10th Division: Enna (reserve)

11th Division: Enna (reserve)

12th Division: Messina (reserve)

13th Division: Messina (reserve)

14th Division: Trapani (reserve)

15th Division: Siracusa (reserve)


18 ships based in Catania

Corvette - 3

Landing Ship - 3

Battleship - 3

Cruiser - 3

Frigate - 3

Destroyer - 3

(3 fleets of one of each)

Air force:

(5 air bases with 1 bomber squad each, excluding one in Messina)

Squads 1 - 20: Messina

Squads 21-30: Trapani

Squads 31 - 40: Siracusa

Squads 41-50: Enna

Nukes: Silos places across the island

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