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Pact between the Hanseatic Republic and the Federacion Iberiana

Sarah Tintagyl

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Article I: Sovereignty

The Hanseatic Republic and the Federacion Iberiana seek to further ensure political and commercial stability in Europe therefore the two signatories of this pact agree that they shall remain sovereign entities, and will endeavor to cooperate on all levels in a constructive and peaceful manner.

Article II: Mutual Defense

Any declaration of war upon either nation is considered an act of aggression against both the Hanseatic Republic and the Federacion Iberiana, both parties are obligated to assist the other in the event of war.

Article III: Financial cooperation.

The Hanseatic Republic and the Federacion Iberiana will endeavor to expand mutual trade links in order to expand prosperity levels within our portions of Europe.

Article IV: Technological cooperation

Both signatories will also seek to share research into the field of technological advances for the mutual benefits of our respective populations.

Article V - Intelligence

If either the Hanseatic Republic or the Federacion Iberiana receives word that one of them is threatened by a third party, then the information must be relayed as soon as possible.

Article VI: Termination

If one of the Parties chooses to terminate this pact, they must give 48 hours notice before the treaty is officially dissolved.

Signed for the Hanseatic Republic,

Sarah Tintagyl,

Prime Minister of the Hanseatic Republic

Signed for the Federacion Iberiana

Juan Esparrago

President of the Federacion Iberiana

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