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GOD-Zenith Announcement


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With mediation from Bigwoody, Zenith and GOD have agreed to allow KM to keep his nation, under the following terms:

  • Zenith pays 60,000,000$ to nations of GOD's choosing.
  • Kaiser Martens is never allowed to serve in Zenith government.
  • It be understood that this is a GOD-Zenith agreement, and that Kaiser Marten's PZI status will hold true should he decide to leave.

Requesting a lock and all that junk. :v:

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Now while I only have a basic understanding of this situation from an explanation via query on IRC, as far as I can tell it's honestly kind of pathetic that Zenith needed to work this deal out.

But, that's just my personal opinion and, to be honest, I couldn't really care less. So I guess hail and such?

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Thanks for making this easy guys, and Kaiser, don't blow this chance.

I quote this because it is advise that should be followed. Good luck, KM. Your "evil leader" days are over, but perhaps this next 1,000+ days will be better than the first. Planet Bob is frequently what you make of it.

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