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Not once, not twice, but thrice!


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Good evening everyone,

It is my distinct pleasure to make this announcement, for it has been a long time coming. One could argue that its been coming for all of 94608000 seconds. It could also be said that its been coming for 1576800 minutes, 1095 days, or 36 months. However, most importantly, it has been coming for exactly three years.

Three years ago today, not long after the first assembly of members on the old Orange Team Forum decided to start their own alliance and found a set of forums of their own, the first semblance of structure began to form. Three years ago today, the first group of orange members started their election campaigns for positions which hadn't even been finalized yet. Three years ago today democracy was afoot, and over the course of the following week by February 19th, 2006, the first government of the ODN was installed, and we were officially an alliance.

There have been highs and lows. There have been times when we've been on the verge of extermination in the face of relentless onslaught from outside, and times when we've been on the verge of self destruction from our own internal strife. But we are still here. Three years later.

I'd like to thank every member of the ODN and all our friends in other alliances past and present who have made this possible. Its been an amazing ride, and one that I hope continues for quite a while yet. Thank you all for reading, and I hope to keep seeing you around for another three years.


And for old times sake, a selection of our original alliance artwork (Credits to Ithilien, CmdrChobo, and Azati Prime for their respective pieces of work):









And please feel free to stop by Pingu's for a drink and celebrate.

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IRON would like to extend its sincerest congratulations to our friends in the Orange Defense Network!

We hope that you get the chance to celebrate many, many more anniversaries!

Please accept the one hundred kegs of beer we have sent for your celebration.

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IRON would like to extend its sincerest congratulations to our friends in the Orange Defense Network!

We hope that you get the chance to celebrate many, many more anniversaries!

Please accept the one hundred kegs of beer we have sent for your celebration.

*Sunstar disperses the beer among the ODNers.

50 for me, 50 for the rest of them...

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And those 50 kegs will last Sunstar his whole life. We all know that you're a lightweight, Sunny.

On the contrary, I merely make it seem that way so that I am offered free alcohol by people hoping to see me embarrass myself. I drink free and those around me are disappointed. Its a system that works.

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Firstly its great to see the old girl reach the third year, I know full well the level of disdain some of you feel for this alliance, and it is the truth to state that for some those feelings have been well and truly earned by the decisions made at crucial times in history. However like all democracies the faces at the helms during some of those crucial moments have nearly all come and gone leaving the membership to carry on.

ODN is very much a different place in terms of membership from days gone by, many of my peers from the old days are retired or have gone on to new pastures, one only has to look at the array of high profile ex-members who are still around in the game but in other alliances or the fact that our most famous founder recently bowed out of the rat race…Like all democracies there has been change but the parameters have more or less remained the same, one of the reasons old school ODNistas such as myself return home after periods of voluntary exile (and I am not the only one to have done so) is that ODN very much remains a home for us (I have always seen it as my ancestral Home on CN), there is always a striking familiarity about the community when an ODNista goes on his or her travels and somehow the damn place just lures many back in after a while.

Of course some change has taken place over time but many things also remain the same, I hope that in the coming months through our collective conduct and aversion to the sort of errors made recently that we can try win back some good will from you all, the mistakes of past leaders cannot ever be forgotten nor repeated but I hope for one that with time they can be forgiven, I just hope that you good people of planet Bob will grant us the toleration and the time to prove to you all how truthful this statement is.

To our former recent friends many of whom view us with a sense of exasperation (at best) due to a decision made I can only give you my own personal apology, it was a gross error that should never have transpired (and believe me I am not alone in feeling this)…I know things will never be the same between us and that is a real loss in my eyes, ODN has lost not only much goodwill but many real friends, and it is the latter that has been the most painful for an old ODNista like me to bear.

Of course be aware this ramble is from myself, I am not a member of the senate at the moment nor do I possess any official approval for this post (please don’t smack me Sec-Gen and the Senate :P ) but I speak as a free individual who has a sense of duty towards trying to rebuild some bridges. I sincerely hope this third birthday can mark a new chapter not just for ODN internally but also externally with all communities on Bob, and that with time once again people will not utter the acronym ODN with a sense of negativity, so those of you willing to grant us the benefit of the doubt please raise your plates and devour some caek with me :wub:

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