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The King of Nothing


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"It is time."

And indeed it was. The realm of beings on Aegis known as Nobodies had patiently bided their time for the day to come in which they would make their rightful claim in the world. The day in which a nation would be born from the tribes of meandering creatures occupying the area connecting two western continents.

They spread like a tide, covering the area with huge cities and industrial centers from the uppermost tip to the furthest southern reaches. (OOC: Mine and Jerrey's land.)

Several castes of Nobody exist within The World That Never Was; Dusks are the weakest and most common citizens. Higher up castes included the Dragoon and Samurai Warriors followed by the second-highest, the Sorceror chaplains, a mix between priests and fanatical sergeants.

The final class was perhaps the most mysterious; a group of Thirteen Nobodies whom outwardly appeared for all the world to be human. Rumors abounded that this Organization which lead TWTNW had a few dark secrets of their own...


An Organization Member with two Samurai Warriors.


A citizen of TWTNW, known as a Dusk.


One of the Dragoon Warriors.

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ooc: AAGGHH! The nothings! One thing, no magic.. long as they're just creepy and not supernaturally creepy.. they're fine. And if you carefully read the cannon rules, we're currently under temporary restrictions on land size. I know you're huge in CNRP, but you'll need to trim down your initial claim for CNRPS.

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Imagine a room. The walls, unseen in the distance, are an impeccable white color. The ceiling, the floor, are both the same color; indistinguishable from the walls. It is a zone of everything, and yet nothing at once. In this room exists Thirteen Pedestals. One for each of TWTNW's leaders.

Their heights varied with ranking, but it was obvious that Number Thirteen was leader, followed by Number Two and Number One. Each of the leaders wore heavy-duty black trench-coats adorned with military insignia and other identifying marks. They sat on their thrones and discussed the expansion plans.

"I say we should stop in the north right here." One of the members pointed at a thinning peninsula located to the north of the Dark City.

A shorter one spoke up. "No. We will need all the territory possible for when they attack." A shudder ran through the group.

"I disagree. A defensible perimeter is more imp-"

"Silence." The voice, calm and yet demanding, rang out from the tallest pedestal. Immediately, each member stopped talking and turned attentively to their leader for guidance. He sighed, mentally weighing the options the situation presented to him.

Finally, he spoke. "We will expand until this point here, where another peninsula henceforth known as Baja brackets the land. Priority is to our southern consolidation, though."

And so it was. Each of the members stepped off the pedestals and walked out of the room, muttering to themselves about the tasks ahead.

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