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Information on Mounlantia

Races of Mounlantia

Important Locations



War Corps





Current News

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Notes on Mounlantia

-Mounlantia is a city within what was Birtish Columbia in Cybernations Roleplay Spore. It has Vancouver, called Lacantis.

-Different economy system.

. +Taxes paid by building roads/construction.

. +Market place sells requirements for basic survival (i.e. blankets, food, etc.), aka needs.

. +"Innovation Economy". Factories sell many basic parts for making stuff (including materials). I.e. massive selling on gears, metal, hammers, etc.

-"Curatio Sero", latin name for a (made up) plant that is useful for its amazing "healing" ability (aka cleans the wounds really well, anti-baterial)

-"Artures Pugnaculum of Industria" - Artures Fortress of Inudstry

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Races of The States of Rock Atlantia

"(" & ")" = latin

Artures (plures + artus) Picture (highrez)


Information: Four arms, higher IQ level than the average creature. Quite good at adapting and heavy work. However, Artures do not meddle much with diplomacy & often go to war for very minor reasons (ie One of your people stole from us! You all shall die!)

Volanus (volatilis + tabernus) Picture (highres)

Information: Flys and has "jet boots", regular IQ. they may not be as good as the Artures, but (?) Removed!.]\


Information: There are very few humans in Rock Atlantica, due to deep hatred from Artures. They live in Lacantis, but the numbers are very few; sometimes Artures will go on a "hunt" to be sure their numbers do not majorly grow. However, Artures are not so low as to kill the Human's cropland and animals (nor' steal them).


Informations: A small population of Dwarves live in SRA's west mountains. They are rumored to have very fast flying machines.

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Important Locations

The following are encompassed by "States of Rock Atlantia", which is the term for the area. All cities were once in that alliance (they all have the same species), but the ruler died and their differences great. Oh, and that was during a human incursion.

States of Rock Atlantica (SORA) Towns

Mounlantia [Kelowna] - Capital City of Mounlantia; once was Captial of the "Rocky Atlantic States".

Lacantis [Vancouver] - Nearly uninhabbited, its an old city that was being made by humans but unfinished. Being studied by Artures.

Merrit - Half-way town inbetween hamloops and Mounlantia. Peaceful, but torn apart by constant war.


Kamloops - Rival city. Also inhabbited by Artures and Volanus; more numbers but lesser technology. They believe that the world must be scorched of all intelligent life, then themselfs scorched.

Williams Lake - Allied with Kamloops. They (gov't) support Kamloops' ideoligy, but want to live after.

Quesnel - Conquered by Williams Lake, unofficialy supports Mounlantia.


Victoria - Peaceful city, may want to become part of Mounlantia in the future.

Nanamio - Allies to Victoria, does not want to part of Mounlantica. War-like, made up of mostly Volanus.

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All pictures are here.

Steam Tank

A tank driven by steam. Open-topped, has a turret that can swivel approx 45-65 degrees in either direction. Often modified by Artures.


Based off the bottom left vehicle here.



Basic truck for moving goods.



Electronic Assult Vehicle

Giacomo's personel vehicle/tank. Driven by oil, but the oil will run out & be replaced with a electronic battery.



Giacomo's Steam Flyer

An aircraft designed and made by Giacomo, it is the basic flying air unit of the Mounlantians. Twin Machineguns on front, two Cannons on top, and twin rotatable heavy machineguns on back.



Smyth's Aerpalpo (aer + palpo)

An aircraft designed and made by Smyth, Mounlantia's Leader, the Aerpalpo has a huge capacity for either troops or bombs, usually bombs. Usually they have 5 Rubidium Bombs, giant boxes with rubidium and water. They are held inside [center, "floating"] by very tight ropes, thus when it hits the ground it crashes and the rubidum clashes with the water; metal shards gluded to the inside and outside of the box are blown in all directions.


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6,557,200 est. civilian population.

1,967,000 within Mounlantia (state)

2,405,000 within Kamloops (state)

2,186,000 within Victoria (state)

131,140 est. military population.

43,720 Mounlantia

65,580 Kamloops

21,860 Victoria

1,311 tanks.

656 Mounlantia

437 Kamloops (ARTILLERY)

217 Victoria

Steam Flyer: 84

Aerpalpo: 84

*Note that there is an unknown amout in other places of the world. You others are allowed to RP individuals of my race, but PM me if you do please.

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War Corps

Basic Blast Corps (BBC) - Name for SRA infantry military forces.

Information: The BBC is much different than any other military force known. In stead of using rifles with small projectiles, they use explosive gernade guns, gernades, and mortar.


Specialized gas mask, with its equipment on back.

Pockets on belt.

See Here for a video.

There are several different types of troopers, along with ranks, that soilders are grouped into.

//Apocalypse Searchers\\

The Apocalypse Searchers are the most elite troopers of Mounlantia. They are selected at the age of 14 (equivelent to 7-8 for us), bred for the purpose of efficient killing, effective leading, and survival skills. Muscled, smart, cunning, they may kill as many as 80 enemy soilders (either hand-to-hand, or with rifle/blast weapons) in combat, they lead the states, they are the heart and soul of Mounlantian civilization.

//Blaster Sargent\\

A Blaster Sargent is the leader of 30 fellow Artures soilders (artures platoon). He is more experienced, and usually uses a rifle.


Basic infantry of the BBC. Armed with "Boomshots", with a small amount of riflemen (1/dozen). Six medics per platoon.

-These men are reguler artures who have been trained for war.

*Thus the SRA uses regular gunpowder gernades in most, if not all, cases.


Citizen Defense Force CDF - Citizens trained in firing basic rifles


High Air Corps

Information: The HAC encompases all Mounlantian airbourne forces.

-Aerpalpo aircraft carry "Rubidium Bombs" as well. It is a wooden box (with some metal parts on the sides, and inside), with Rubidium and water (seperated). From that point, there are two varients. One has a timer, and the other has no moving parts.

. +The timer varient has a gear-timer that counts down to zero after X sections, at which point the water is released to the Rubidium. Often there is a much larger amount of metal for sharding-effect.

. +The regular varient is quite basic. When the box hits the ground, the water's container is broken from impact and reacts with Rubidium. Much cheaper than 1st.


Phased-out Weapons

-One of the gernades used by the Artures use metal, Rubidium, and a plastic membrane (sometimes also water). Carefully made in many Artures lab's, Rubidium is put into the bottom half of a gernade, sealed with the membrane, and then a second piece of metal attached. The bottom with Rubidium is completly sealed off in a vacum environment, and when the top half hits something the needle attached to it cuts through (or just opens the membrane). The Rubidium has a violent reaction to water/air, and explodes the gernade; sending many metal pieces flying. However, it is extreamly dangerous to carry around.

There are very few of these, and in fact need to be held in rolly-safe's (from new RL baby seat; in car crash, twirls baby in circles but the infant does not die); thus they are best when dropped from the air.

Deemed unsafe.

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Additional Stuff

Revision Log: (OOC-wise)

-Removing Volanus

-Removed lower limb/arm, now only 4 arms

-History redo below

>States of Rock Atlantica is 1300 years old, with prior Artures civilizations unrecorded/lost. At one point in time, they even had access to space-flight and advanced weapons. But a human incursion whiped that from existance.

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A guide on how the buildings of SRA look.

Officina Pugnaculum - Many hundreds of years ago, it was determined that the best fortress is one that can build its own weapons. Thus, Mounlantia (main State that uses this) has many factories that, in times of war, are also capable of defending themselves.

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