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Official Announcement from the Echelon


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Good Morning.

To the outside observer, a casual glance at Echelon's participation on the world stage may give one the impression that we're dead. However, from the time we announced our first birthday as a collective to the present, the membership of Echelon have been working together on measures which streamline our efficiency, improve our modus operandi and our lethality. To these ends, we present to the world the first of two initiatives, a new Constitution of Echelon.


The second initiative relates to our protectorates. To improve communications, incident reaction times and the general spirit of all, we announce The Commonwealth of Echelon. This treaty supplants existing protection treaties in place between Echelon and protectorates, and provides an avenue of optional assistance (whether it be economic or martial) between protectorates in the Commonwealth.

On behalf of Echelon,

Solidus117, Director

El Hefe, Director

Death666Angel, Interim Prime Minister


what? It wasn't brief enough for you?

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... you relegate The Commonwealth to second place to further your own shameless self-promotion? Is that what you think of us, we play second fiddle? I must say Echelon, I am disappointed. This is not a good start.

Actually, I'm impressed with the attitude of Echelon and what they're aiming to achieve with The Commonwealth, you guys are brilliant, wouldn't swap you for anyone else... and I'd watch out for AiD, they're a sneaky bunch. :ph34r:

And congratulations on improving your killing efficiency, or somesuch ;)

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