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Resource value question


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We are working on a resource tool for the alliance to help with building trade rings and we've noticed that between the numbers listed for specific resources and the totals given by the CN Resource Calculator there are a few discrepancies.

Are some of the resources decimal placed but rounded for ease of use? We found that with cattle, fish, sugar, and wheat there is a total of 24% increase in citizens. However, in the resource calc tool it shows a 26.1% increase. The same applies to pigs in place of cattle in regards to percentage discrepancies.

Is it possible to get the exact values of the individual resources?

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If I give you $1 then tell you I'm going to add 10% to your money, you have $1.10. If I, again, tell you I'm going to add 10% to your money, you have $1.21 ($1.10 + 10%). This isn't the same as adding 20% to your original dollar (which would be $1.20). So basically, fish and cattle = 1.08 * 1.05 = 1.134, or an increase of 13.4%, not 13%.

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