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The Kal'vesh.

King Kevz

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In the southern region of a place called France a society exsisted of strange flying creatures who called themselves the Kal'vesh. They were a primitive bunch and had only just lately grasped the concept of "fire" and had currently built their first great wonder called the "great fire" which was only a large clump of wood stacked in the middle of the villages which was then set on fire and led to much dancing and singing. When not hunting animals for food the Kal'vesh took to flying throughout the air trying to impress the other females in the hope of getting lucky that night. The Kal'vesh don't have a single running government and instead each village is lead by a village elder who sorts out all the problems and tasks that arise.


This is a Kal'vesh.

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The Kal'vesh have began to explore outwards of their villages looking for nearby sources of water, food and wood for building materials. It has been decided to build some sort of connection between the villages so that when not flying it is easier for the Kal'vesh to travel to one and another. The plan is to use heavy blanks of wood stuck together with a sticky substance of clay and moss to lay on the ground all the way to the other villages. One bright young Kal'vesh has named them "roads".

OOC: Hows that for advancement from Fire to Roads :lol:

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