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Fresh Lakran air strike kills five

Agostinho Neto

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The victims of the bombing came from the same family, medics say Azerbaijani forces have carried out further raids on the Talysh Capital, killing two Talysh civilians and three militants in an air strike. Militant group Talysh Popular Front said the air strike was aimed at its men, but missed the target. The Azeri military says its raids are in retaliation to the terrorist attacks on the Azeri embassy in the Nakichevan Autonomous Republic. It said the civilians were killed by mistake and it is investigating. The latest attack takes the number of the daily death toll on both sides to more than 15.

Medical workers said those killed in the afternoon were all from the same family and included a teenage boy. Earlier, Talysh militants in the Nakichevan Autonomous Republic killed a senior Ambassador, his wife and his three dauthers. The Azeri army said its troops had attempted to arrest Mr Kadjar, described as the head of the armed wing of the radical movement in the Occupied Calilabad Sector, where the battle for the City is still raging between Azeri and Talysh forces. He refused to surrender and was killed in an exchange of fire, the military said. Talysh Popular Front armed wing claimed responsibility for a heavy rocket barrage aimed at the Azeri City of Pushkino today, but there were no reports of injuries or casualities.


A Mi-24 "Hind-D" squadron over the skies of Lakran

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The Talysh Popular Front who occupied Calilabad City, has successfully been cleared from the rest of the Jalilabad Rayon this evening. Hundreds of the Talysh militants broke away from the group to loot the weapons they left behind. It is being reported that they are headed towards the original border.

Azeri forces have overrun the main stronghold of the Talysh Popular Front in Azerbaijan, in the Jalilabad Rayon after 6 days of fighting in which at least 50 people were killed and another hundred wounded, a military spokesman said today. The seizure of the town represented the first victory a string of defeats in recent months that has forced the Azerbaijani army to withdraw from Talyshstan and set up a border defense line. Azeri authorities, confirming the capture of Calilabad, said 4,000 civilians fled to The Armenian Autonomous Republic to escape the fighting. He said operations were continuing in the area, 30 miles south of Calilabad, where a tank brigade is chasing the fleeing enemy.

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