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The Battle of Easytown


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General Park Kim and Lt. General Firestorm sit across a table from each other. Between them are several maps that they are intently poring over. Not many words pass between the two old veterans as they've served together long enough to read each each others minds. As they jot down notes, look at the maps, read reports, and occasionally speak to each other the rest of Easytown lays silent. What more needs to be said when a veritable army of one million zombies is heading right for you?

The withdrawal from Central Diberia had been a sound maneuver. It has preserved the fighting strength of Boomtown's forces when they were at risk of being completely overwhelmed. The withdrawal still had the unfortunate side affect of drawing the Zombies into pursuit. Despite the best efforts of the rearguard and air-strikes the Zombies had just kept coming. The fighting had concluded at a feverish pitch when and entire battalion of M-60 tanks had turned and charged head long into the Zombies.

While the tanks, under Captain Jung Park Lee, had killed thousands of Zombies they still were destroyed to a man. Several of the crewmen had been rescued by suicidal helicopter crews who had swooped in at the last moment. Captain Jung Park Lee, now Lt. Colonel Jung Park Lee had been one of them. The Zombies though victorious had been scattered for a time and it was in this time that the rest of Tiger Force had escaped from the oncoming hordes.

Those hordes, only two days away, approach at a shambling pace. They devour any living thing they find, they show no real reason, and they are utterly devoid of any sort of human emotions. Scout teams out in the jungles keep making reports that the smell of the living dead can be detected long before they are seen or heard. It is with this unrelenting knowledge that Lt. General Firestorm and General Jung Park Lee make their plans.

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