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The Rising of the Sun


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In the eastern end of the Eurasia, there was a nation, the Nation of the Rising Sun


Realm of the Rising Sun

Although physically they are weaker than most, these people have endured the harsh environment of the world, and have grown to be one of the most adaptable. Being able to settle almost everywhere, it is time for the benevolent Light of the Divine Sumeragi to shine upon the darkened world.....

[under Construction]

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OOC: So you'll be taking a different national personality here...that's good. :D

OOC: Maybe, maybe not.

IC: Teikyo (RL Seoul), the Imperial Palace

"...... And our Eastern Frontier is quiet, as usual."

Within the Great Heavenly Hall of the Imperial Palace, the meeting of the Sumeragi and her Cabinet was continuing.

The ruby red eyes of the Sumeragi opened as the speaker stopped his report.

"And what do you suggest?"

"We should see what is going on to our south, Heika. A new form of creatures seems to have sprung up, and investigating it would be approporiate."

A small smile appeared at the word "investigate"


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