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Norsvean Factbook


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Norsvean General Factbook


Location: Northern Europe, bordering the North Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Sweden

Continent: Europe

Climate: Colder interior with increased precipitation and colder summers; rainy year-round on west coast

Terrain: Mostly high plateaus and rugged mountains broken by fertile valleys; small, scattered plains; coastline indented by fjords;

Natural Resources: petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, titanium, pyrites, nickel, fish, timber, hydropower


Population: 4,063,700

Age Structure: 0-14 years: 19%; 15-64 years: 66%; 65 years and over: 15%

Median Age: 39

Population Growth Rate: .35%

Birth Rate: 12/1000

Death Rate: 10/1000

Sex Ratio (M:F): 1.04:1

Infant Mortality Rate: 3.6/1000

Life Expectancy: 79.8

Fertility Rate: 1.8 Children per Female

AIDS Percentage Rate: .01%

Nationality: Norsvean

Ethnic Groups: Norwegian: 46%; Swedish: 50%; Other: 4%

Religions: Protestant: 36%, Catholic: 23%, Atheist/Agnostic: 21%, Other: 10%

Languages: Distopyan (Official), Norwegian (Majority), Swedish, Danish, Nordlandic

Literacy: 93%

School Expectancy: 17

Education Expeditures: 7% of GDP


Full Name: Keisereich av Norsvea

Government Type: Empire

Administrative Divisions: 7 Provinces: Oslo, Floro, Göteborg, Kalmar, Stockholm, Östersund, Lillehammer, Sør-Trøndelag

Independence: (From Nordland) January 8, 2009

National Holiday: Sixx Week (Sixth Monday after January 8)

Suffrage: Universal 18 Years

Head of State: Keiser Niklas Magnus

Head of Government: Keiser Niklas Magnus

Cabinet: Supreme Military Commander Oppøre, Civil Minister Bergen, Economic Minister Eldøn.

National Anthem:




Overview:The Norsvean economy is a nation of welfare capitalism, mixing freemarket and government intervention. The government controls key areas,such as the energy sector, through corporations. The country isprevalent with resources, petroleum, hydropower, fish, forests, andminerals. Their energy system is a mixture of Solar, Hydroelectric,Geothermal, Ridal, and Cannabis. Norsvea's economy remains prosperous.Internal activity is the main driver of growth, supported by highconfidence and strong investments in Norsvea's organic energy.

GDP: 246 Billion Krones.

Labor Force: 1,864,563

Unemployment: 2.5%

Public Debt: 83% of GDP

Agriculture Products: barley, wheat, potatoes; pork, beef, veal, milk, fish, cannabis, hemp

Industries: food processing, biofuel production, pulp and paper products, metals, timber, mining, textiles, fishing

Electricity Production: 270 billion kWh

Electricity Consumption: 223 billion kWh

Electricity Exports: 53 billion kWh

Exports: $140.3 billion

Exports (Commodities): machinery and equipment, metals, chemicals, cannabis, fish

Imports (Commodities): machinery and equipment, chemicals, metals, foodstuffs

Reserves: $60.84 billion

Currency (Code): Norsvean Mark (NSM)


Airports: 98

Paved Airports: 67

Heliports: 2

Railways: 6523 km

Roadways: 214,623 km

Major Ports: Oslo, Göteborg, Kalmar, Stockholm, Gävle, Trondheim, Grønnheim (Capital)

Military Overview

Military Branches: Norsvean Army (Norsvean Hæren; NH), Norsvean Navy (Norsvean Sjøforsvaret; NS), Norsvean Air Force (Norsvean Luftforsvaret; NL), Home Guard (Heimevernet, HV)

Compulsory Service: None

Manpower: 250,000

Expenditures: 20% of GDP

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Norsvean Military Factbook

Norsvean Hæren

Norsvea is now a militaristic nation. After the aftermath of the great war, Erik Betrakte decided it was no use staying unsafe. A weapons company based in Trøndheim, Jensen Arms, produces most of the weapons for the Hæren. The main rifle is the Jensen A3. The standard issue infantry machine gun is the Jensen LM66. Sidearms used are the Jensen P231 and MP4140. The standard sniper rifle is the Jensen LRIAR. The infantry in the army is highly trained in Guerilla and most unconventional warfare. That does not mean that the army cannot perform simple conventional tactics. The army is also well versed in many european languages, such as French, English, Spanish, Nordlandic, German, and Italian.

The Hæren also utilizes some armored fighting vehicles, or AFVs. The Hohlman motors Wolverine is the main battle tank of Norsvea. Hohlman has also produced the Husky 2, Viper, and Elephant. Kristiansand Motors Co. has produced the Ar55 for the Hæren.

Norsvean Luftforsvaret

The Luftforsvaret is divided into two main groups: Air Superiority and Bombing, as is most air forces. The air superiority force, mostly prodced by Kristiansand Air Technologies, consists of the ASF-39, and the ASF-42. The fighter craft used as an escort is the Saab JAS-39 Gripen. The NLF also employs the GS-4, GS-5, and the SS-1 as air to ground attack craft. The NLF also employs the American B-52 and C-17 Globemaster III for airlift and large bombing.

Norsvean Sjøforsvaret

Norsvea has only recently built a navy, using the Harnosand, Drammen, and Bergen Naval Bases. The navy is mainly used as protection for sea transport, and is not the main concern of the Norsvean Militær command. So far, the navy is divided into two commands, the Baltic Command, at Harnösand, and the North Sea Command, at Bergen.

Bergen Main Naval Base - North Sea Command

NSF Göteborg - Göteborg Class Corvette

NSF Kristiansand - Kristiansand Class Missile Cruiser

NSF Bergen - Bergen Class Fast Attack Cruiser

NSF Drammen - Göteborg Class Corvette

NSF Sandnessjøen - Alesund Class Frigate

Harnosand Naval Base - Baltic Task Command

NSF Reise - Göteborg Class Corvette

NSF Umea - Kristiansand Class Missile Cruiser

NSF Stockholm - Stockholm Class Anti-Air Frigate

NSF Grønnheim - Stockholm Class Anti-Air Frigate

NSF Gavle - Bergen Class Fast Attack Cruiser

NSF Uppsala - Göteborg Class Corvette

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Norsvean Economic Factbook

Major Corporations


Bonde Arms Co. - Small Arms (Military Rifles, Pistols, etc.)

Fredriksen Pyrotechnics - Explosives, Missiles, Ballistics

Höhlman Motors - Consumer Vehicles, Small Military Vehicles, Fighter Aircraft

Osterholt & Nasse Shipyards - Naval Equipment

Tro Avionics - Avionics and Military Electrionics

Consumer Goods

Kilde Electronics - Major Technologies (Televisions, Computers, etc.)

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Norsvean Diplomatic Factbook

Treaties, Pacts, and Blocs


The Scandinavian Union - MDP and Free Trade

MDP and MDoAPs



Nation Name: Republic of New Byzantium

Leader's Name: John Kelikark

Their Ambassador: Sonia Lillan

Our Ambassador: Agaton Hermansson Nation Name: Hanseatic Republic

Leader's Name: Sarah Tintagyl

Their Ambassador: Anna-Liisa Rusi

Our Ambassador: Arian Persson

Nation Name: Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden

Leader's Name: Prins Willem Van Oranje

Their Ambassador: Godfried Landseer

Our Ambassador: Johan Strömberg

Nation Name: [Kingdom of] Neo Franzharia

Leader's Name: General-Steward Larsa Ferrinas Ondore von Solidor

Their Ambassador: Franc Blakyznif

Our Ambassador: Dylan Samuelsson

Nation Name: Great Lakes State

Leader's Name: President Jake

Their Ambassador: Franic Josh

Our Ambassador: Ayub Håkansson

Nation Name: Promised Land

Leader's Name: Subtleknifewielder (No, don;t ask for his real name.)

Their Ambassador: Frederik Presley

Our Ambassador: Kelvi Jönsson

Nation Name: The Eastern Union

Leader's Name: Administrator Yordan Nevsky

Your Ambassador: Mikhail Zuchev

Our Ambassador: Lara Åström

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