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The Sun Tzu Company: A neutral inter-alliance marketplace


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Hi inhabitants of planet bob!

I am the CEO of the Sun Tzu Company. The Sun Tzu Company is pleased to bring you a neutral inter-alliance marketplace. We host tech dealers, donation dealers, and middleman ready to be used by the consumer.

Please stop by our forums and register as a dealer, middleman or a buyer. If you are a dealer you get a special pinned topic for your personal deals. We take our dealers seriously and make it easy to sell their product. Middleman are provided for the dealers and we are always on the hunt for middleman. Buyers get the ease of perusing our forum for deals and bargains in tech and donations.

If major alliances need to discuss massive tech payments due to wars and reparations, we are ready to accommodate you on our neutral forums to discuss the logistics of your swap. We are building a pool of middleman to make your dealings pleasant and easy.

If you want to talk business the STC is here for YOU! Inter-alliance trade has never been easier.

Forum: http://cnsuntzucompany.ipbfree.com


Reahoi of Knights of Karkarus


ShadowKahn of Paridisium

President of STC

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